In our world filled with negativity I have decided to be an aspiring internet fairy.

What exactly does that mean?

1. As an aspiring internet fairy I will intentionally choose to encourage others online. (This means that when I see a post or content that someone has created that I think is great, instead of merely thinking, "That was a great article!" I will take the time to leave a positive response.)

2. I will set aside a little time each week to sprinkle fairy dust across the internet. In less whimsical terms, this means that I will actually set aside time that is simply for encouraging others on the internet.

3. When there are serious topics or conversations that I get involved in online, I will do my best to conduct myself in a way that is respectful and not intentionally ugly or hurtful.

Want to learn more about why this concept is important to me? Here is the blog post about how I first started thinking about this concept.

What if there were lots of people who were as passionate about being positive internet fairies as trolls are about being trolls?

Have a wonderful rest of your day!

An Aspiring Internet Fairy 

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