Monday, April 4, 2016

Small Goals: April 2016...

It is time for monthly small goals!

It feels like every single month so far this year has been filled with unexpectedly challenging times. March was no different. I got sick multiple times (I think that stress has taken a toll on my immune system and general health) and continued to be with my family through my Mom's cancer journey. Then, the month finished with my Mema passing away and having her funeral on the very last day of March.

Life has been crazy this year, but I am entering into April with hopefulness. There is a good job prospect that may become a reality very soon, I am starting to think about the future and dream again, and my Mom is doing so incredibly well. Life feels like it is starting to transition into a bit more normalcy instead of being so chaotic. I am excited to see what this month holds.

Before I look ahead to this month's goals, I will reflect back on my March small goals.

1. Complete my taxes. Done! I am so happy to have finished my taxes.

2. Continue applying for jobs and preparing well for any interview opportunities that I receive. This is a goal that I am so happy to have met last month. Not only did I apply for jobs, but I had an interview for a position I am incredibly excited about. There is a very good chance that I will be receiving official news about the position later this week. 

3. Read at least two books. I did not achieve this goal last month. Between being sick and dealing with family stuff, I admittedly spent more time sleeping and watching Netflix than I spent reading. 

4. Work on being a better internet fairy. (To learn more about this check out this post.) I am happy to say that I worked on being more intentional about my internet interactions. I tried to take more time to write thoughtful comments and encourage others in my social media spheres.

5. Journal more. I did journal a bit more last month and I am thankful for the time I took to process my thoughts and emotions on paper.  

Now for my April small goals!

1. Read at least two books. This goal didn't happen last month, but I would like to try it again in April!

2. Get back into a more regular workout routine. As soon as I am fully recovered from this nasty cold I've been fighting, I want to make it a priority to start exercising more regularly again. Exercise is one of the aspects that I unfortunately did not keep as a priority the last few months. I really believe getting back into a fitness routine will help improve my physical health as well as improve my stress levels.

3. Pay off my student loan from last year. With a combination of my tax return and some savings, I hope to pay off the loan that I took out last semester.

4. Be more intentional about taking time to be creative. Normally I am able to be creative through the good and difficult times of life, but last month especially I noticed that I was more likely to veg in front of digital entertainment than I was to take time to be creative. This month I would like to take more time for little creative moments. I want to return to more creativity during my week and remember how much joy creativity infuses into my life.

5. Have a self-portrait photo session. I recently went through some old photos and realized that just a few years ago I frequently had mini self-portrait sessions. I would dress in an outfit that made me feel great, grab my camera, collect a few props, and go outside and simply play in front of the camera. It has been an incredibly long time since I have done that and I think it would be a good way to reconnect with some of the simple joys of living.

Do you have any goals for March? If you do I would enjoy hearing about them and would encourage you to link up with Nicole over at Writes Like a Girl for her monthly small goals series.


Friday, April 1, 2016

Saying Goodbye to Mema...

Last week my Mema's health took a turn and so I went to give her one last kiss and one last, "I love you."A few days later on March 26th, Mema quietly left this world  in the early morning hours. When we received the news I cried, but I was thankful she was no longer in pain and that I had the chance to see her one last time.

Mema had Alzheimer's Disease and had fought for so many years. It is an incredibly difficult disease to watch progress and I imagine so much more difficult to live through. However, Mema was so very loved throughout the progression of the disease. Some of my favorite memories with her are musical. She sang so beautifully and played multiple instruments throughout her life. She taught me to love old hymns in a profound way. She amazed me when she continued to be able to sing those old songs even when so much of her other memories were gone. Yesterday, as we said the final goodbye, Amazing Grace echoed beautifully in the cemetery's stone memorial space. It is a moment I hope I will never forget.