Monday, March 21, 2016

Muse Mondays: Pines...

In a world where it is so easy to only purchase a song or two from an album, it is a special moment when you find an album that you prefer to listen to as a whole from start to finish every time. Today's Muse Monday is dedicated to one such album.

A Fine Frenzy's Pines is truly an experience. It takes you on a journey. When I listen to it I feel grounded in story telling and the natural imagery that is found throughout. There are so many stories woven within these lyrics. Some of the stories, such as the song Avalanches, have a jubilant feeling while others feel more haunting.

This album always inspires me when I listen to it. I can imagine myself sitting beside the ocean, breathing in the sea-salt air, and letting the wind dishevel my hair when I close my eyes as it floats through my speakers. I think that this album also contains so many complex emotions that I sometimes identify with. Listening to these songs makes me feel like I am swimming through a fantastical world of story telling, nature, mystery, emotion, and music.

Do you have any albums that you try to listen to as a whole from start to finish every time?


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  1. I SO agree! Sometimes it's nice to listen to the entire album, the way the artist created it. There are so many albums from when I was younger (before digital downloads!) that I listened to over and over so that even now, when I hear one song, I know what song comes next! In fact, I recently used an iTunes gift card to buy a couple of whole albums that I used to have on cassette tape - I loved listening to them all the way through!


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