Monday, March 7, 2016

Muse Mondays: Advanced Style...

Today's Muse Monday is the Advanced Style documentary and blog. Advanced Style is the work of Ari Seth Cohen. He photographs incredibly stylish and creative older women and sometimes gentlemen.

I remember years ago when I first learned about his blog that I was so inspired by the ladies that he photographed on the streets of New York City. He has since been involved with the publication of two books as well as in the Advanced Style documentary. I continue to be so inspired by his work!

The documentary is one of my inspirational movies. Whenever I am feeling creatively in a funk, it is one of my favorite films to watch. Each of the women encourage me to bravely be who I am and to be bold in personal style. Honestly, the film and blog posts also help me remember how short life really is. Plus, humans fascinate me and this documentary is full of fascinatingly complex humans. If you have Netflix, I suggest taking time to watch it!

Advanced Style and Advanced Style: Older and Wiser by Ari Seth Cohen.
If you want to add some inspiration to your Monday then I highly recommend checking out Cohen's work on the blog, his books (you can pre-order his newest book here), and the documentary.

Happy Monday!


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