Monday, February 1, 2016

Small Goals: February 2016

It is officially February!

January was nothing like I expected it to be. My Mom was diagnosed with cancer just a few days before the new year and January was spent with lots of medical appointments and news about her health. Originally, I planned to return to college for the spring semester, but as time continued it became very clear that I wanted and needed to withdraw for a semester to support my Mom on her journey. So, January was spent focused on helping my Mom, spending time with family, withdrawing from college, moving back home, losing my student job, and being supported by the most amazing family and friends.

With that said, it is still important to me to reflect back on the goals I set for January and create new goals for February. I think January was definitely a reminder to be kind to myself when life takes all of my plans and scatters them in all directions.

Here were my January goals:

1. Create a blog post schedule. I did create a general blog post schedule. Hooray! However, I definitely didn't follow it considering I only posted twice in January. I am okay with that. January was honestly a month where life was pretty consumed with riding out the craziness of major life changes and loving and supporting my Mom.

2. Work on my zine project. This is the goal that I am most proud of myself for last month. I had the idea and dream for the zine and I took major steps toward making it a reality. During the month of January I reached out to many individuals to ask if they would help contribute to the project and I was so humbled and amazed by the beautiful responses I received. When life is crazy and filled with challenges, creativity is even more vital to me. I am thankful that I didn't give up on the project last month and hope to share more about the zine later this month!

3. Continue to develop self-care and attend counseling. I am really proud to say that I continued both of these even in all the craziness of January. I did not miss any counseling sessions and I continued self-care.

4. Create a budget that helps rebuild savings. Funny story on this one, I did create a budget before making the decision to withdraw from college, but once I had withdrawn and lost my student job on campus it was no longer valid. My plan is to find a job back home once Mom is more stable and then recreate this budget. However, since I did create the budget I am going to proudly check this one off of the list.

5. Photograph my outfits each day. (This was to help me get a better concept of what clothes I wear the most.) haha Nope. That one simply fell away in all of the craziness of January.

Now it is a new month with its own new set of challenges. Today I want to link-up to Writes Like a Girl's monthly small goal post for February.

February Small Goals:

1. Support my Mom as she has surgery and goes through an intense recovery period this month. Goodness, this month will be intense, but I am so thankful for my amazing family and friends that are supporting my Mom, my family, and I as we walk through this season.

2. Make sure that I find moments to take care of myself through rest, self-care, and continuing counseling. I realized last month that this journey that I am on in supporting my Mom is not a sprint. It is important to find moments to recharge. I can better love, support, and help my Mom and family when I am making sure that I am re-energizing. Some days that may simply be a few minutes in the morning and a few minutes before I fall asleep, but those minutes are still important.

3. Take time to crochet. I continue to realize that taking little moments to crochet is very therapeutic and stress relieving. In the craziness of this month I hope to use it as a healthy form of stress relief.

4. Continue working on my zine project. This small goal is not my #1 life priority this month, but it is important to me to make a little progress on it. Maybe it will simply be creating a little bit of art for the project during the small minutes I take in the morning and evening, but it will still be progress.

5. Work on my taxes. This is practical and also a necessary part of being an adult. *sigh*

Do you have any goals for this month?

If you want to join in the monthly small goals fun, check out this link for the February meet-up. Plus, it is always great to read Nicole's blog. ;)

I hope that your February is off to a great start!


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