Monday, January 4, 2016

Small Goals: January 2016





2016 has arrived. I rang in the new year at home with family while wearing a golden flower crown and red lipstick. It was the perfect way to end 2015. New Year's Eve closed the chapter on a difficult year. Some of the struggle of 2015 continue on into 2016, but this year also holds so much possibility.

Last year I came across the lovely blog Writes Like a Girl. Nicole's blog has really inspired me to work on returning to blogging once again. So, I have decided to start linking up to her monthly goals posts. I think it will be a great way to work on goals throughout the year, reflect on each month, and connect with other wonderful bloggers.

Here are my January goals:

1. Create a blog post schedule. I have realized that creating a plan and structure for blogging would really help me be more consistent. I've recently started brainstorming the best structure, themes, and schedule for blogging over the next few months. In January I want to create a great schedule and plan that I can follow and adjust as needed for the rest of the year.

2. Work on my zine project. I have had an idea for a zine for a really long time. Unfortunately, I allowed doubt to stifle its creation. Part of the zine project is reaching out to women that inspire me and seeing if they would be open to participating in the project. This month I want to actively reach out to the individuals on my list. I am reminding myself that it is better to ask and be told no and/or not receive a response than it is to never try at all.

3. Continue to develop self-care and attend counseling. Last year I had a traumatic experience. This year I want to continue to heal from that experience and create a new normal. Both self-care and counseling are good for me, but sometimes they are also really hard. For January I want to make sure that I continue this healing process. It is vital that I continue on this journey even as life becomes really crazy this month.

4. Create a budget that helps rebuild savings. This year I have to be very frugal and work on building up my savings as much as possible to help with college expenses. I am a few semesters away from graduating from college and working hard to graduate with minimal debt.

5. Photograph my outfits each day. I have embarked on a sort of data collection process. This month is the first step of documenting what I wear each day. I want to do this to help discover what clothes I really wear the most and how my personal style continues to evolve. I'm not sure that I will share the daily pictures, but I hope to share about the process and insights I gain from it.

Do you have any goals for this month? If you do you should click here to visit Nicole's blog and join in on the small goals link-up!

Happy 2016!