Saturday, September 26, 2015

Even in the Smallest Places...

It is a bit hard to believe that the last time I wrote a blog post was back in June. The days have come and gone and now I find myself writing a post at the end of September.

I am not really sure what I intend for this post to be. Maybe I long for it to be a step back into writing and into creativity. Maybe I simply want it to be a reminder to myself.

Life has been hard lately. There have been incredibly good things and beautiful moments. There have also been some of the hardest experiences of my life. Most of it feels too raw to write about right now.

On a difficult day I recently heard a song called Garden by Noah Gundersen. It spoke to me deeply. One of my favorite lines from the song has been, "Even in the smallest places can a garden grow."

Those words remind me of flowers at my Grandmother's old home. There were these little flowers that she called "Johnny Jump-Ups" (Viola Tricolor) that would grow even within the tiniest crack of cement. I still think of those flowers fondly.

Sometimes life can feel a bit barren and hardened like sidewalk cement. Yet, even the smallest places, such as a crack in the hard stone, can hold a garden. Beauty and joy can spring up even in hard circumstances. I am learning to process the hard things, to really look at the dirt, but also to remember that there is beauty and hope.

It is my hope that I will slowly ease back into posting on this blog. That may look like words or it may simply look like photographs with just a line or two typed out. Whatever it looks like, I miss this space and look forward to filling blank post pages once again.