Wednesday, April 8, 2015

The Kind Strangers...

Please note: Before reading this post I would like to share that I hope that my post and unfortunate blood donation experience in no way deters anyone from giving blood. I also would like to be clear that the blood donation staff were wonderful.

Even after all that I experienced yesterday and the recovering I still feel my body in need of today, I do not regret giving blood. I helped the lives of strangers somewhere in the world and that is something I do not regret.

I would also like to encourage everyone who reads this to consider donating blood at least once in your life. If you are able to donate, your blood could be a life saving donation to strangers desperately in need of it. Yet, through my experience, I have also learned that there are some individuals, such as myself, that can follow all the rules and instructions and still not do well after a blood donation.

My hope is that this post will truly be focused on the beauty of kindness and that the kindness I encountered yesterday will inspire other genuine acts of kindness.


Dear Kind Strangers,

Thank you for helping me walk from the cafeteria to a nearby chair as my vision went away and your voices sounded like echoes at the far end of a brick tunnel.

Thank you kind Radio Shack employees who were at the cafe for lunch. Thank you for the crackers and the water you brought me. Thank you for staying with me. Thank you for finding a wheelchair to transport me to the nurses' office. Thank you for encouraging me that I did a kind thing donating. Thank you for making sure I did not fall and hit my head at any point and time. Thank you for making sure that the nurse knew everything that had happened before you left and wishing me rest and to feel better soon. You were both such beautiful and kindhearted women.

Thank you guy with the kind eyes. On account of my vision issues, I can't really remember anything else about your looks. But I remember your eyes were kind and handsome and that you were so very thoughtful. When the Radio Shack employees were going to pay for the lunch I left behind, you insisted on paying for it instead. In fact, you brought the lunch over to me. You encouraged me with kind words. You told me that I did a good thing donating and that my body just wasn't handling it well. You had to leave, but you made sure that I was in good hands before you went on your way.

Thank you kind nursing staff. I already knew all three of you through my job on campus, so technically you are not strangers, but I am so thankful for the care all of you provided me with. I've been told I was as pale as the stark white pillow on the cot where I rested. I imagine that must have been startling to see. Thank you for calling my family to come get me. Thank you for calling my supervisors to let them know why I was not at my office. Thank you for monitoring my blood pressure. Thank you for doing everything in your power to help me recover. Thank you for taking me in a wheel chair across campus to my relative's car so that I could go home. Thank you for checking on me when you saw me on campus today. Thank you for thanking me for my blood donation, but also for being honest with me that it is probably not wise for me to donate again.


Dear family,

Along with the letter to kind strangers I need to thank all of you. I am so glad that I have an incredible family to lean on when life does not go as planned.

Thank you for picking me up from campus. Thank you for helping me safely walk. Thank you for helping me recover. Thank you for picking me up early again today so that I could come home and rest some more after realizing that I still do not feel quite back to normal. Thank you for buying me gatorade and soup. Thank you for holding my hair as I got sick, putting cool washcloths on my eyes, and calling the doctor to clarify information. Thank you for loving me. Also, thank you for bluntly, but also lovingly, telling me that I do not need to donate again.

All five of you mean so very much to me. I am so thankful to have you.