Monday, February 23, 2015

The Ice-Day...






Ice Flowers

Today is an ice day. I received notification from the college that the campus is closed for the day and I smiled realizing that would mean I could venture out into the cold and take time to photograph some of the beautiful aspects of the ice and sleet.

The ice and sleet is inconvenient for a lot of people today, but I am enjoying seeing the world dressed up in winter. There is such beauty in the sight of little purple weeds cloaked in ice. The sleet patterns are intricately formed as it comes to rest on the car windshield. The world is also extra quiet with most everyone staying indoors and the cars sitting still in the driveways. As I walk around and hear the crunch beneath my feet I smile. It is truly a beautiful ice-day.



  1. Wow, what gorgeous pics! Really beautiful - you are a talented photographer. And college classes are NEVER cancelled here for weather! Lucky you :)


    Live with CFS

    1. Thank you, Sue!

      I really enjoy taking photos.

      haha Yeah. We are a bit weird when it comes to "ice" in these parts. It doesn't take much to shut things down.



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