Sunday, December 28, 2014

He is not a little boy...




I recently had the pleasure of photographing one of my brothers. It was a cool winter day and as I photographed him I was reminded that he is no longer a little boy. It may sound obvious to you to say that he is not a little boy, but as I looked through the eye of my camera I realized it in a new way. Sometimes looking at a person through my camera causes me to notice details about them that I didn't before and see them in a new way. The camera causes me to slow down and truly look at a person if I take the time.

As I photographed my brother I also took time to remember. I remembered when he was a baby and holding him for the first time. I remembered the little brown boots he wore as a toddler that really hurt your hand if he stepped on you when you sat on the floor beside him. I remembered his adoration for Legos and the hours he spent building everyday. I remembered so many moments throughout childhood. I remembered how he grew in spurts until one day he was, very proudly, a little taller than me. 

Now he is over six feet tall and still growing. Now he is dreaming of the future and what he hopes to do with his life. Now he is growing towards adulthood. He is not a little boy anymore.

I am thankful for these moment with my big-little brother. I am thankful for the memories we get to make before life pulls us in different directions and I no longer see him everyday. I am thankful for these photos that remind me- He is not a little boy.


The shirt that spoke...

Shirt Dreams

Below is the unlikely account of how I walked into a thrift store and left with a pocket $3 lighter and a new fabric dream to dance in.

The Shirt That Spoke

She walked through the thrift store and heard someone call her name.

Who could it be?

She turned and saw a lovely burst of purple wave hello.

What was this?

She approached the rack of clothing and picked up the floral blouse.

"Take me home! We will be grand friends!" cried the fabric.

She smiled as she inspected the piece.

Could this really work on her?

"Try me on! Try me on!"

So, she went and tried it on.

"See! We make a good pair."

"You know, I think you are right..."

The end.

(Well, technically, it was the beginning.)

I hope you enjoyed this story! It is wonderful what treasures can be found and stories can be inspired by thrift stores.


Saturday, December 27, 2014

Life after a long blog break...

Hello everyone!

A part of me wonders if anyone even visits this space anymore as I have become very absent since the fall semester began.

I miss blogging. The blog sphere is filled with wonderfully creative individuals. I miss being inspired by others and sharing.

Yet, no matter how much I miss blogging when I am away, it seems that during the intense schedule of a college semester I simply have to place this blog on the back-burner of life. I am learning to accept that this is simply the stage of life that I am in and to treasure the moments I can take to be creative.

This fall semester I worked 17 hours a week, took five courses, and was involved in multiple things on campus. It was a very rewarding semester and I managed to finish with a 4.0 semester GPA, but it left little time for me to be creative. Honestly, I think that if I hadn't taken a Creative Writing course and started a creative writing club on campus that I wouldn't have written very much during the semester. All in all, the semester is finished and I now have more time for my creative dreams and passions.

I am currently in the midst of a restful winter break and hope to write a good many blog posts between now and the start of the spring semester. Additionally, I am making it a goal to post at least once a month during the spring semester. I think one post a month is a realistic goal and any posts above that number will be a plus.

So, here is to returning to the blog world. I look forward to visiting some of the many blogs I have so dearly missed. It would be impossible to get truly caught up on all of the lovely blogs I follow, but I do look forward to visiting.