Sunday, January 19, 2014

When days are a mixture of plants...

Flowers in Light

Some days hold a mixture of bitter and sweet memories. Some times new memories are made on such days that add to the bitterness or sweetness of the already compiled mixture. It can become complicated and messy and tiring. Those are days that are very hard.

Yet, some days are mixtures like a bouquet of mixed flowers. Some flowers aren't your favorite, but they still bring sweetness to the blend and the vibrancy of your favorite flower shows brightly in the mix.

Life isn't made of days that are only beautiful bouquets. Days that are flowers mixed with stinky weeds and sharp thistles are a part of life too. Such days humble me and help me learn. It reminds me to be incredibly thankful for the beautiful bouquets of memory mixtures. It helps me cherish even a single carnation.

If you are having a painful day. If it has been filled with stinky weeds and thistles I am sorry for the pain that comes with thistle pricks. But, I give thanks for the Grace that covers our lives even in the midst of our weed messes. I give thanks that we also have beautiful days and floral bouquets. I give thanks for Hope and Grace that stands true no matter what sort of day it is.


Saturday, January 18, 2014

Project 365: 11-18...

Day 11-

Day 11 2014

On day 11, I was in the process of deciding what to take a photo of when my snuggle buddy Juni came and interrupted me. I decided a picture of petting him was a good subject matter for the day.

Day 12-

Day 12 2014

This is a terrible picture. Really. I woke up in the night and realized that I hadn't taken a picture of the day yet and so I rolled over and took a picture of the darkness outside my window and later I layered another photo taken this month to create a fake sunset.

Honestly, this photo has me thinking about this project and why I am doing it. Is it really beneficial to do a 365 project if I don't try to take at least a decent image each day? I think I've come to the conclusion (at least for now) that this project is still beneficial even if I am not motivated or inspired to take a good picture every day. The reason I've come to said conclusion is because this project is causing me to pick up my camera at least once every day. Some days I take terrible pictures, but other days when I wouldn't have wanted to pick up my camera, this project has helped me pick it up and sometimes I've captured something special to me. I also look forward to looking back at an entire year and have a glimpse into an aspect of every day that will make up 2014.

Day 13-

Day 13 2014

Once again this was taken during a late night picture taking time. However, this time I was determined to try to do something at least a little better than day 12. This photo was created simply with my camera and light from my cellphone. I like the way it turned out.

Day 14-

Day 14 2014

I promise that the majority of this project will not be about my cat. Well, I will try to make sure that it isn't.

I am realizing that my Juni cat is a big part of my life when I am home. We spend a lot of time together snuggling on my bed. He has held a dear place ever since I found him when he was tiny stray kitten. This picture was my attempt to capture a little bit of how adorable he can be when he sleeps all snuggled up.

Day 15-

Day 15 2014

This bird makes me think of my sister and my friend Kelly. It makes me smile. That is all I have to say about it.

Day 16-

Day 16 2014

My other cat Girly Girl decided she needed a turn in front of the camera. See? This project isn't all about my Juni cat.

Day 17-

Day 17 2014

Another late night/bedtime picture. This was taken with a hand held flashlight and my camera.

Day 18-

Day 18 2014- Floral Idea

I am actually really happy with this photo concept. My inspiration came as I thought about the way lightbulbs are often artistically placed over a persons head to signify an inspiration or an idea. I began thinking about the way ideas can come quickly like turning on a light and other times they begin as a small concept and grow into something greater.

Happy weekend to you!


Saturday, January 11, 2014

Being a Bridesmaid...

Happy Saturday to you!

I realized that I've yet to share anything about my dear friend Sara Beth's wedding. So, today I thought I would share a few lovely aspects of the wedding and a few funny things about being a bridesmaid. First things first, I want to share a collage of the lovely wedding.

The wedding was so beautiful. Despite the terrible ice we received, many people drove (very carefully) to celebrate the wedding of these two dear people. And, part of the beauty was the way community came together to create such a lovely environment for this special day. My heart rejoices for the union of these two.

Now, after that bit of sappiness, it is time for a few funny stories and a sweet wedding detail.

1. The sweet detail- The bridesmaids carried lanterns instead of flowers. We each had a small battery operated candle inside and it was a beautiful and personal touch to their wedding.

2. Birds (for some odd reason) tend to fly into glass doors or windows when I'm nearby. Right before I walked down the aisle a little bird flew into a glass door in the church lobby. I gasped, I made a shocked sound, laughed nervously, and then turned to see it was my turn to walk down the aisle. I took a deep breath and composed myself and entered into the room. All things considered, I think I look rather composed in this picture.

3. I firmly believe there is such a thing as one-of-my-best-friends-just-got-married-shock. Really, there is such a thing. Why? Because after the wedding ceremony I was walking out of the sanctuary back to the photo room. Each bridesmaid walked out on the arm of a groomsman and I completely zoned out in a state of shock as we walked out. So, while most bridesmaids let go of their groomsmen's arms as soon as they were out of the sanctuary, in my state of shock I wasn't letting go. Thankfully, he kindly made a funny comment about the fact that I hadn't let go and so I snapped out of my shock for a minute and walked back to the photo room. So, yes, there is such a thing as one-of-my-best-friends-just-got-married-shock.

Well, there you have it. A few lovely pictures, funny stories, and memories from my sweetest friend's wedding.

Thoughts to ponder-

Do you have any funny wedding stories?


P.S. I would like to state that all photos above were taken by Stephanie Rogers Photography. I did crop two of the photos for the purpose of them fitting this blog post better and I created the collage with four photos. Other than that no editing was done. Stephanie did such a wonderful job taking pictures and braved the ice to do it!

Friday, January 10, 2014

Project 365: 5-10

Did you ever wonder what six days of a photo a day project would like if the photographer were sick the whole time?

Really, you hadn't? Well, neither had I, but that is what this photos set consists of. I have been very sick all week and yet I was still determined to keep up with my photo a day project. I am proud to say that I didn't miss a single day.

Since I have been sick, all of the photos in this set were taken from the comfort of my bed and most often at night without good light. Despite all of the difficulties I tried to make the most of it. Only one of the photos is edited in anyway.

Day 5-

Day 5 2014

This teacup has yet to be used for its intended purpose. Instead it has been sitting on my desk since I purchased it and is currently holding random bits and bobs.

Day 6-

Day 6 2014

This is a heart shaped rock that one of my siblings found in the yard last year and gave to me as a "just because" gift. The just because gifts are often the best gifts in life.

Day 7-

Day 7 2014

This is the photo that I edited. Truth be told, I edited it today and not the day I took it. However, it is edited by combining three photos that I took on day seven that are layered into this current image. So, I say that counts.

Day 8-

Day 8 2014

A picture of part of my wonderful comforter. I have been spending so much time in bed under my comforter that I thought it was only fitting that I photographed part of it.

Day 9-

Day 9 2014

My bed buddy this week. Juni gives the best kitty cuddles.

Day 10-

Day 10 2014

Today I chose to take a picture of this Valentine's tape I purchased a few weeks ago. I plan to use it when I make Valentine's cards next month. I may be single, but I will make the most of Valentine's day in 2014. I have lots of love to give and share with those around me.

So, now you know what a photo a day project looks like when the photographer is sick!


Thursday, January 9, 2014

A Texas Photographer's Giveaway...

Hello everyone,

I am currently trying to get better after being sick since Sunday afternoon.
But, I do have a fun bit of news to share. The photographer that recently photographed my sweetest friend's wedding is hosting a lovely giveaway on her blog.

So, if you are in the North Texas area hop on over to her lovely blog and enter this giveaway.


Monday, January 6, 2014

Project 365: 2-4...

Day 2-

Day 2 2014

It is still a bit surreal that it is January and I have not yet adjusted to writing down 2014 on paper.

Day 3-

Day 3 2014

Flowers. This is a fake flower, but I truly enjoy flowers. (White Daisies are still my very favorite.) This photo was simply inspired by noticing something small. The flower is sitting in the basket of bathroom goods and stuck out as a little happy bit of beauty surrounded by more practical things.

Day 4-

Day 4 2014

My camera's lens cap. Every time I take pictures I misplace my lens cap. Usually, I am suddenly inspired and so I rush into my room and grab my camera. In the midst of all of my jubilant inspiration I set my lens cap down somewhere and don't realize it until I have finished taking pictures. Once I am done taking pictures I suddenly realize I've misplaced it and so I walk all around the house looking for it and asking my family if they have seen it. Try as I might, when inspiration occurs, the lens cap is misplaced.

One other note about all three photos. I did not edit any of them. That wasn't really my plan, it just ended up turning out that way.

I hope everyone had a nice weekend!


Saturday, January 4, 2014

Because it isn't just for Mother's Day...

I don't thank my Momma enough. I don't. She deserves so much more than one day a year on Mother's Day and a handful of other "thank you moments" that I toss her way.

Today I was thinking about how much she loves and serves me and how much she has done that over the span of my life.


I think about how many dirty dishes she has washed with her beautiful hands. How many times she has scraped dry spaghetti sauce off of dishes and the pictures she took of each of my siblings and I wearing spaghetti all over ourselves the first time we ate it. The pictures she took captured the joy of the moment, but then life continued on. She cleaned up the mighty mess we made on ourselves and the highchair that we sat in. She always helped clean us up.


I think about how many hundreds of times she has loaded laundry into the washer, added soap, and turned on the machine. How many times has she pressed start on our dryer? Yes, I do my own laundry now, but she has done laundry far longer than I. If it weren't for her, I would know nothing about doing laundry.


I also think about how much laundry she has folded. How many times did she fold towels alone before the different types of towels were assigned to my siblings and I to fold as part of our chores? How patiently did she teach us to fold our imperfect squares when we were young and roll the beach towels up nice and tight?


I think of all the times she has driven me places and how often she drives me still. I think of all the meals she has cooked for me and the way my taste buds know her cooking better than any other food in the world. I think of all the times she has soothed my tears, forgiven me, apologized when she has lost her temper, spoken truth when I needed it most, laughed with me, and listened. I think of the love of reading she passed on to me, the faith she has shared, and the love she has given. I think of her passion for her family and the times she has managed our home all while educating us and, in certain seasons, working part time. She is dear to me. And yet, I do not thank her enough. I try to thank her in word and in deed. I made her curtains last year for the kitchen and, at times, I have cleaned around the house without being asked, but those acts do not fully express my love.

I could save up my money to buy her fresh flowers every week and even that would not fully express my love and thanks.

Flowers every week...

So, dear, Momma, I don't thank you enough. I really don't. Today I dedicate this post to you and thank you. Thank you. You are a wonderful mother and I love you dearly.


Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Project 365: Day 1...

Flower Bug

Today I decided that in this year of 2014 I will try to complete the 365 photo project. I think it will be a good way for me to pick up my camera more once I am back into the busy time that is life as a college student. (I've calculated it, once the Spring semester begins I will be up at the school an average of 45 hours a week with work and classes.)

I am excited to begin this project and have been inspired by others who have completed it. I have decided that I am not going to stress about taking an amazing photo each day. Instead I will simply focus on taking a picture of something meaningful or something that expresses a thought or feeling from the day. Secondly, sometimes I will post as single photo on the blog and sometimes I will share a post with a group of photos from multiple days. I plan to be flexible.

For my first picture in the 365 I decided to take something old and something from today to create one image. The flower picture is from today and the picture of me edited into it is from 2012. It was simply inspired by the flower image. I thought the flower would be a nice object to photograph and as I began to take pictures I wondered- What would it be like to be so small I could sit inside the fluffy yellow center of the flower? So, I set out to create a visual image that made the imagination a visual reality.

This image that is a bit of something old and something new marks the start of this project. Now, 364 to go...

Thoughts to ponder-

Have you ever considered taking on a year long project?
Have you ever imagined being so small you could sit in a flower?