Sunday, December 28, 2014

The shirt that spoke...

Shirt Dreams

Below is the unlikely account of how I walked into a thrift store and left with a pocket $3 lighter and a new fabric dream to dance in.

The Shirt That Spoke

She walked through the thrift store and heard someone call her name.

Who could it be?

She turned and saw a lovely burst of purple wave hello.

What was this?

She approached the rack of clothing and picked up the floral blouse.

"Take me home! We will be grand friends!" cried the fabric.

She smiled as she inspected the piece.

Could this really work on her?

"Try me on! Try me on!"

So, she went and tried it on.

"See! We make a good pair."

"You know, I think you are right..."

The end.

(Well, technically, it was the beginning.)

I hope you enjoyed this story! It is wonderful what treasures can be found and stories can be inspired by thrift stores.


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