Saturday, December 27, 2014

Life after a long blog break...

Hello everyone!

A part of me wonders if anyone even visits this space anymore as I have become very absent since the fall semester began.

I miss blogging. The blog sphere is filled with wonderfully creative individuals. I miss being inspired by others and sharing.

Yet, no matter how much I miss blogging when I am away, it seems that during the intense schedule of a college semester I simply have to place this blog on the back-burner of life. I am learning to accept that this is simply the stage of life that I am in and to treasure the moments I can take to be creative.

This fall semester I worked 17 hours a week, took five courses, and was involved in multiple things on campus. It was a very rewarding semester and I managed to finish with a 4.0 semester GPA, but it left little time for me to be creative. Honestly, I think that if I hadn't taken a Creative Writing course and started a creative writing club on campus that I wouldn't have written very much during the semester. All in all, the semester is finished and I now have more time for my creative dreams and passions.

I am currently in the midst of a restful winter break and hope to write a good many blog posts between now and the start of the spring semester. Additionally, I am making it a goal to post at least once a month during the spring semester. I think one post a month is a realistic goal and any posts above that number will be a plus.

So, here is to returning to the blog world. I look forward to visiting some of the many blogs I have so dearly missed. It would be impossible to get truly caught up on all of the lovely blogs I follow, but I do look forward to visiting.


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