Sunday, December 28, 2014

He is not a little boy...




I recently had the pleasure of photographing one of my brothers. It was a cool winter day and as I photographed him I was reminded that he is no longer a little boy. It may sound obvious to you to say that he is not a little boy, but as I looked through the eye of my camera I realized it in a new way. Sometimes looking at a person through my camera causes me to notice details about them that I didn't before and see them in a new way. The camera causes me to slow down and truly look at a person if I take the time.

As I photographed my brother I also took time to remember. I remembered when he was a baby and holding him for the first time. I remembered the little brown boots he wore as a toddler that really hurt your hand if he stepped on you when you sat on the floor beside him. I remembered his adoration for Legos and the hours he spent building everyday. I remembered so many moments throughout childhood. I remembered how he grew in spurts until one day he was, very proudly, a little taller than me. 

Now he is over six feet tall and still growing. Now he is dreaming of the future and what he hopes to do with his life. Now he is growing towards adulthood. He is not a little boy anymore.

I am thankful for these moment with my big-little brother. I am thankful for the memories we get to make before life pulls us in different directions and I no longer see him everyday. I am thankful for these photos that remind me- He is not a little boy.


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