Thursday, July 3, 2014

Light Mountain Henna Dye...

Today I wanted to take the time to post a review about Light Mountain natural hair dye.

This past week was the second time I have used Light Mountain hair products. Both times I have used the Red color on my hair.

Before I write about my experience, I would like to state that I did not receive my product for free. I purchased mine from a local store on my own. So, this post has not been influenced by free products from the company.

Now, I would like to share about my experience with this natural hair dye product.

When I mix the hair dye with water I let it sit for 30-45 minutes. Once it has set up, I put it into my hair for two hours. After this I rinse out the mixture with water and then conditioner. Once my hair is thoroughly rinsed, I do not wash my hair for 24 hours so that my hair can continue to set.

Now that I have shared that basic information, I would like to share my top tips for using this product.

1. Make sure you read through the instructions. This is very helpful in the process.

2. Make sure you use petroleum jelly on the areas of skin that might get hair dye on it. (I also recommend using saran wrap or a towel to help cover your neck and shoulders from drips. The dye will stain your skin if you are not careful.

3. The hair dye is semi-permanent. In my hair it fades quite a bit after the first wash and a little after each wash after. My understanding is that the rate at which it will fade varies depending on how long you let it set, what type of shampoo you use, and what type of hair you have. So, it will vary from person to person.

4. I usually have to complete the process twice. The first time is to completely coat my hair and the second time is to touch up any areas that are not saturated with the color as much as I would like.

5. The process is pretty messy, especially the first time I did it. So, be sure that you give yourself plenty of time, have paper towels near the area, and I recommend having old towels around the area and to dry your hair after the rinse.

6. The hair color does have a strong smell, but it is a plant based scent.

7. I am a big fan of this product! I am still having to learn to use it, but each time has been an even better experience. I really like the shade of red it gives my hair, the way it conditions my hair, the low cost of the product, and the fact that I can enjoy having the option to dye my hair without using harsh chemicals. All in all, I highly recommend this product to others that wish to try henna hair dye.

When I was researching henna hair dye it would have been nice to find a blog review that the blogger offered to respond to any questions. So, if you stumble across this post through a Google search feel free to leave a comment if you have any specific questions and I will be happy to respond.



  1. My mom uses henna to cover her grays, but she uses a dark kind. I think I would like to try a color close to my own just to give it shine.

    1. Neat!

      It is a lot of fun to try a different color to bring out more natural highlights and tones. And, it is also a nice conditioning session for your hair too.


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