Sunday, June 29, 2014

Flowers with Allanah...

From time to time there are blog posts that are extra exciting to share. They are the sort that when you drag your mouse and hover over the "Publish" button, your heart beats a little faster. This is one of those sorts of posts.

I recently contacted my good friend Allanah to see if she might  be interested in helping me bring a photo concept to life. She sweetly agreed to take part and invited me over to her apartment complex where we captured the images above.

Creating the images was a delightful adventure. While Allanah did her make-up she allowed me to step into the world of her wardrobe. She has a great sense of style which made for a wonderful variety of clothing and jewelry to choose from. Once her make-up was done and she was in the outfit I helped style, it was time for the flowers. All of the flowers were freshly cut and arranged into her hair for each individual styling. Allanah moved with ease in front of the camera and was open to whatever ideas I happened to have. It was a wonderful collaboration.

All in all, I smile each time I think about the images we created in our photographic dance. I walked away from the time with beautiful images and with many splendid memories tucked away within my mind.

I hope you enjoyed looking at the photos. They are truly a floral dream brought to life.


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