Monday, May 12, 2014


I completed the spring semester with a B in Business Calculus and A's in my other three classes. It was a wonderful semester of taking classes, hard work, and new adventures. I am so thankful for my work study position and excited to share that I have been asked to return to my position in the fall.

But, right now it is the summer break. I am taking one Maymester class and I have a library internship in June, but it it is still a major break compared to the busy fall and spring semesters that I have completed. Now I am enjoying playing board games with my youngest brother, watching movies with my sister, snuggling extra with my cat, visiting with my mom in the middle of the day, grocery shopping at noon, laughing with friends, writing, and so much more.

Summer break is here with all of its sunshine, thunderstorms, swimming pools, smoothies, walks in the park, music played and sung in the kitchen, flowers on the table, sort of moments. Summer is here and I have room to breathe, room to create, and I have time to rest. I am cherishing it.

The pictures in this post are from a lovely time spent at a local garden with my good friend Allanah. It was such a nice day and I truly enjoyed taking pictures with her. I am thankful for more time to spend with friends over the summer.

This weekend my birthday will arrive and add an extra digit to my age. I can honestly say that I am excited. (Even though I sort of forgot about my own birthday until after my Business Calculus final. Oops.) I have grown and changed a lot over this past year and I am looking forward to seeing what the next year holds. All in all, I am thankful for this season that I am in and for time to rest and breathe this summer.

I hope that all of you in the blog-sphere are very well! I have missed being here and I look forward to hopefully writing more regularly once again.

Happy summer!


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