Sunday, January 19, 2014

When days are a mixture of plants...

Flowers in Light

Some days hold a mixture of bitter and sweet memories. Some times new memories are made on such days that add to the bitterness or sweetness of the already compiled mixture. It can become complicated and messy and tiring. Those are days that are very hard.

Yet, some days are mixtures like a bouquet of mixed flowers. Some flowers aren't your favorite, but they still bring sweetness to the blend and the vibrancy of your favorite flower shows brightly in the mix.

Life isn't made of days that are only beautiful bouquets. Days that are flowers mixed with stinky weeds and sharp thistles are a part of life too. Such days humble me and help me learn. It reminds me to be incredibly thankful for the beautiful bouquets of memory mixtures. It helps me cherish even a single carnation.

If you are having a painful day. If it has been filled with stinky weeds and thistles I am sorry for the pain that comes with thistle pricks. But, I give thanks for the Grace that covers our lives even in the midst of our weed messes. I give thanks that we also have beautiful days and floral bouquets. I give thanks for Hope and Grace that stands true no matter what sort of day it is.


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  1. What a beautiful post and sentiment, Sarah. You are so very right - we have to take with the good with the bad in life, and it just makes us happier for the pretty flowers :-)


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