Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Project 365: Day 1...

Flower Bug

Today I decided that in this year of 2014 I will try to complete the 365 photo project. I think it will be a good way for me to pick up my camera more once I am back into the busy time that is life as a college student. (I've calculated it, once the Spring semester begins I will be up at the school an average of 45 hours a week with work and classes.)

I am excited to begin this project and have been inspired by others who have completed it. I have decided that I am not going to stress about taking an amazing photo each day. Instead I will simply focus on taking a picture of something meaningful or something that expresses a thought or feeling from the day. Secondly, sometimes I will post as single photo on the blog and sometimes I will share a post with a group of photos from multiple days. I plan to be flexible.

For my first picture in the 365 I decided to take something old and something from today to create one image. The flower picture is from today and the picture of me edited into it is from 2012. It was simply inspired by the flower image. I thought the flower would be a nice object to photograph and as I began to take pictures I wondered- What would it be like to be so small I could sit inside the fluffy yellow center of the flower? So, I set out to create a visual image that made the imagination a visual reality.

This image that is a bit of something old and something new marks the start of this project. Now, 364 to go...

Thoughts to ponder-

Have you ever considered taking on a year long project?
Have you ever imagined being so small you could sit in a flower?


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