Friday, January 10, 2014

Project 365: 5-10

Did you ever wonder what six days of a photo a day project would like if the photographer were sick the whole time?

Really, you hadn't? Well, neither had I, but that is what this photos set consists of. I have been very sick all week and yet I was still determined to keep up with my photo a day project. I am proud to say that I didn't miss a single day.

Since I have been sick, all of the photos in this set were taken from the comfort of my bed and most often at night without good light. Despite all of the difficulties I tried to make the most of it. Only one of the photos is edited in anyway.

Day 5-

Day 5 2014

This teacup has yet to be used for its intended purpose. Instead it has been sitting on my desk since I purchased it and is currently holding random bits and bobs.

Day 6-

Day 6 2014

This is a heart shaped rock that one of my siblings found in the yard last year and gave to me as a "just because" gift. The just because gifts are often the best gifts in life.

Day 7-

Day 7 2014

This is the photo that I edited. Truth be told, I edited it today and not the day I took it. However, it is edited by combining three photos that I took on day seven that are layered into this current image. So, I say that counts.

Day 8-

Day 8 2014

A picture of part of my wonderful comforter. I have been spending so much time in bed under my comforter that I thought it was only fitting that I photographed part of it.

Day 9-

Day 9 2014

My bed buddy this week. Juni gives the best kitty cuddles.

Day 10-

Day 10 2014

Today I chose to take a picture of this Valentine's tape I purchased a few weeks ago. I plan to use it when I make Valentine's cards next month. I may be single, but I will make the most of Valentine's day in 2014. I have lots of love to give and share with those around me.

So, now you know what a photo a day project looks like when the photographer is sick!


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