Monday, January 6, 2014

Project 365: 2-4...

Day 2-

Day 2 2014

It is still a bit surreal that it is January and I have not yet adjusted to writing down 2014 on paper.

Day 3-

Day 3 2014

Flowers. This is a fake flower, but I truly enjoy flowers. (White Daisies are still my very favorite.) This photo was simply inspired by noticing something small. The flower is sitting in the basket of bathroom goods and stuck out as a little happy bit of beauty surrounded by more practical things.

Day 4-

Day 4 2014

My camera's lens cap. Every time I take pictures I misplace my lens cap. Usually, I am suddenly inspired and so I rush into my room and grab my camera. In the midst of all of my jubilant inspiration I set my lens cap down somewhere and don't realize it until I have finished taking pictures. Once I am done taking pictures I suddenly realize I've misplaced it and so I walk all around the house looking for it and asking my family if they have seen it. Try as I might, when inspiration occurs, the lens cap is misplaced.

One other note about all three photos. I did not edit any of them. That wasn't really my plan, it just ended up turning out that way.

I hope everyone had a nice weekend!


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