Saturday, January 18, 2014

Project 365: 11-18...

Day 11-

Day 11 2014

On day 11, I was in the process of deciding what to take a photo of when my snuggle buddy Juni came and interrupted me. I decided a picture of petting him was a good subject matter for the day.

Day 12-

Day 12 2014

This is a terrible picture. Really. I woke up in the night and realized that I hadn't taken a picture of the day yet and so I rolled over and took a picture of the darkness outside my window and later I layered another photo taken this month to create a fake sunset.

Honestly, this photo has me thinking about this project and why I am doing it. Is it really beneficial to do a 365 project if I don't try to take at least a decent image each day? I think I've come to the conclusion (at least for now) that this project is still beneficial even if I am not motivated or inspired to take a good picture every day. The reason I've come to said conclusion is because this project is causing me to pick up my camera at least once every day. Some days I take terrible pictures, but other days when I wouldn't have wanted to pick up my camera, this project has helped me pick it up and sometimes I've captured something special to me. I also look forward to looking back at an entire year and have a glimpse into an aspect of every day that will make up 2014.

Day 13-

Day 13 2014

Once again this was taken during a late night picture taking time. However, this time I was determined to try to do something at least a little better than day 12. This photo was created simply with my camera and light from my cellphone. I like the way it turned out.

Day 14-

Day 14 2014

I promise that the majority of this project will not be about my cat. Well, I will try to make sure that it isn't.

I am realizing that my Juni cat is a big part of my life when I am home. We spend a lot of time together snuggling on my bed. He has held a dear place ever since I found him when he was tiny stray kitten. This picture was my attempt to capture a little bit of how adorable he can be when he sleeps all snuggled up.

Day 15-

Day 15 2014

This bird makes me think of my sister and my friend Kelly. It makes me smile. That is all I have to say about it.

Day 16-

Day 16 2014

My other cat Girly Girl decided she needed a turn in front of the camera. See? This project isn't all about my Juni cat.

Day 17-

Day 17 2014

Another late night/bedtime picture. This was taken with a hand held flashlight and my camera.

Day 18-

Day 18 2014- Floral Idea

I am actually really happy with this photo concept. My inspiration came as I thought about the way lightbulbs are often artistically placed over a persons head to signify an inspiration or an idea. I began thinking about the way ideas can come quickly like turning on a light and other times they begin as a small concept and grow into something greater.

Happy weekend to you!


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