Saturday, January 11, 2014

Being a Bridesmaid...

Happy Saturday to you!

I realized that I've yet to share anything about my dear friend Sara Beth's wedding. So, today I thought I would share a few lovely aspects of the wedding and a few funny things about being a bridesmaid. First things first, I want to share a collage of the lovely wedding.

The wedding was so beautiful. Despite the terrible ice we received, many people drove (very carefully) to celebrate the wedding of these two dear people. And, part of the beauty was the way community came together to create such a lovely environment for this special day. My heart rejoices for the union of these two.

Now, after that bit of sappiness, it is time for a few funny stories and a sweet wedding detail.

1. The sweet detail- The bridesmaids carried lanterns instead of flowers. We each had a small battery operated candle inside and it was a beautiful and personal touch to their wedding.

2. Birds (for some odd reason) tend to fly into glass doors or windows when I'm nearby. Right before I walked down the aisle a little bird flew into a glass door in the church lobby. I gasped, I made a shocked sound, laughed nervously, and then turned to see it was my turn to walk down the aisle. I took a deep breath and composed myself and entered into the room. All things considered, I think I look rather composed in this picture.

3. I firmly believe there is such a thing as one-of-my-best-friends-just-got-married-shock. Really, there is such a thing. Why? Because after the wedding ceremony I was walking out of the sanctuary back to the photo room. Each bridesmaid walked out on the arm of a groomsman and I completely zoned out in a state of shock as we walked out. So, while most bridesmaids let go of their groomsmen's arms as soon as they were out of the sanctuary, in my state of shock I wasn't letting go. Thankfully, he kindly made a funny comment about the fact that I hadn't let go and so I snapped out of my shock for a minute and walked back to the photo room. So, yes, there is such a thing as one-of-my-best-friends-just-got-married-shock.

Well, there you have it. A few lovely pictures, funny stories, and memories from my sweetest friend's wedding.

Thoughts to ponder-

Do you have any funny wedding stories?


P.S. I would like to state that all photos above were taken by Stephanie Rogers Photography. I did crop two of the photos for the purpose of them fitting this blog post better and I created the collage with four photos. Other than that no editing was done. Stephanie did such a wonderful job taking pictures and braved the ice to do it!

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