Monday, May 27, 2013

A time of quiet...

Weary Rain, Weary Me

I am going to be quiet for awhile. For now, I will not share why. But, I am walking through a hard time. The good news is that I have a God who faithfully covers me in grace like an umbrella amidst a weary rain. The good news is that amidst this ache and pain I have relief, I have the joy that is so different from what you typically think of when you think of joy. I have the steady calm joy that is wrapped up in peace like a special object that you choose even though it seems strange. And, the other good news is I have the most amazing family and friends. I couldn't ask for better love, support, and genuine care.

Someday, I will be able to share a little. Not all the details, but I will be able to share. And, I trust that this difficult time is going to be used for good. I am relieved, but also aching.

I appreciate prayer. I will be back. But, for now on the blog and other social media I need to be quiet.

I hope your Memorial weekend has been good. Thank you to those of you who read and visit this little blog abode.


Saturday, May 25, 2013

Laura's baby shower...

Today I was blessed to be able to attend a baby shower for a very dear friend. Her name is Laura.

Laura has one of the most beautiful smiles of anyone I know, a loving heart, and her faith in Christ is so encouraging to see. I enjoyed capturing glimpses of her and her shower today with my camera. The details of the shower were so sweet and the food was very tasty. I could write about all of the beautiful details, but instead I will simply let the pictures show you.  


Little shirt...

His name

Little shoes...


Little Snack


Little cupcakes3

Pretty Table1

Little cupcakes1

Little cupcakes2



Lovely, Laura...
This photo of Laura makes me smile. Laura was simply sitting down in her chair as it was time to open gifts and yet she looked so very beautiful.

Laura Laugh


Laura and I

Happy weekend!


Monday, May 20, 2013

Take time to blow bubbles...

B&W Bubbles Begin

B&W Bubbles

I do not know what tomorrow will hold within its hours. I do not know what unexpected things will occur. Tomorrow may bring happy surprises or it may bring discouraging news. I do not know. And so, I went out into the breezy afternoon. I held a yellow bubble bottle in my hand and blew bubbles into the wind. The wind carried the bubbles every direction that is described upon a compass rose. The bubbles danced and shimmered for me. And, I gave thanks to God for the wind, the bubbles, and the grace that I am overwhelmed by.

When a tomorrow feels so unknown take time to blow bubbles, watch them dance, choose to smile, and give thanks. It is a wonderful way to spend part of a Monday.

May your Mondays be Magnificent!


Monday, May 13, 2013

Little Wild Sunshine Blooms...

Little wild sunshine blooms....

Little wild sunshine blooms...

Little wild sunshine blooms. Tiny little yellow flowers burst onto a grassy scene. They beckoned to be photographed. They were wild little sunshine blooms that danced in the spring wind.

Today I am enjoying the start to the first full week of the summer break. I hope you're having a Magnificent Monday!  

Be sure to keep an eye out for tiny blossoms and other little beauties that might surprise you.


Friday, May 10, 2013

College Chronicles: Second semester finished...

Spring Moment 2013

Dear Self,

You have completed the spring semester and your first year of college!

You made an A in English, an A in Library Intro, a B in History, and a C in Math.

Even though you didn't make a 4.0 GPA for your second semester (you did the first semester), you should still be proud of yourself. You should be proud of the two A's. You should be proud of making a B in a condensed History course. And, you should be proud of working hard on math, realizing you needed extra help, meeting with a tutor towards the end of the semester, and making a passing grade. Be thankful.

You are taking the summer off to rest. You need the rest. Remember, it is more important to stay in good health than to try to meet the pattern of society by finishing college as fast as possible. Don't rush. Work hard, but don't rush. You need the rest after all that has been going on these past few months and after your first full year of college. Look how far you've come! You studied for and passed the GED just last spring. You didn't even know if you could handle going to college or how you would do. Yet, here you are, finished with your first full year of college and in a good place health wise. You carried 12 hours each semester. You worked hard. Now it is time to rest. You also need the time to rest and to prepare for the fall semester. You have an exciting fall semester ahead!  (And, you can't wait to share a bit of news with others soon in regards to the fall!) Take this time to rest, grow, and prepare. Deep breath, give thanks for this year.

Enjoy this summer! Enjoy the time with family, time to rest, creativity, swimming, sunshine, and many other things. And, take time to write here on the blog more regularly. 

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Skittles for the fellow...

The fellow (a.k.a. Luke) and I have started a new tradition. The first week of each month we do something special and creative for each other. This month I wrote him a little note and tucked a bag of skittles inside of the envelope for him to eat. (It is one of his very favorite types of candy.) Then I decided to take another mini-bag of skittles and create a photo/blog post that my note told him to read today. So, this little poem and post is specifically for Luke to see, but everyone else (especially if you enjoy skittles) is welcome to view it too. 

If You Have a Mini Bag of Skittles

If you have a mini bag of skittles
You can hold them in your hand
And take the time to consider the colors bright and grand.
You can line them up in a neat row
To make a mini-candy army that's marching to and fro.
You can use a photo of them as an overlay
To create a picture of dreaming in skittle colors on a spring day.
One mini-bag of skittles is great,
But two is even better because I can give you one to celebrate.
Happy Festive Firsts!



Dreaming in Color

Festive Firsts Skittles