Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Flower view...

Flower glance.....

Flowers may be viewed in many ways.

You may view them as you walk or drive on by,
You may view them as they sit in a vase upon a table top,
You may view them up close or far away,
Or, you may rest on your back and look up at the pretty blooms above
As I did yesterday.

Those are just a few ways you may appreciate the fresh blossoms of spring.

Fresh flowers are such a beautiful thing.

I've spent most of the day writing a close analysis essay on a poem about fake flowers. I am thankful for the fresh flowers in my life and the beauty that I may appreciate tonight.

I hope you've had a good Tuesday.


Monday, March 25, 2013

Math test and Moday Magnificence...

Monday Flower2...

Monday Flower1...

Flower Breath

This morning I woke up feeling drained and heavy. It was due to a mixture of things, but mostly I felt that way because I knew I would be facing my math test 3 retake. Last week when I took math test 3 I made a 65. Today I had to take a retake to try to bring my grade up. Then I also spent a good bit of the morning processing a few things in regards to my emotions and the future.

I tend to get quiet when I feel drained, worried, and when I am processing. Even though I was quiet with a lot heavy on my heart and my mind I chose to find things to appreciate and give thanks for amidst it all.

Despite how I felt, I went to my classes and then took the math test retake. And...I made an 85! If I calculated the weighted average correctly that will bring my test 3 grade up to a 79! I was so happy when I saw my score. I wanted to do a happy dance in the testing center, but I refrained since the test center worker was watching.

To celebrate my test results I went and bought fresh spring flowers. I had so much fun photographing them tonight.

Even when a Monday starts with heaviness of heart and mind there can still be unexpected magnificence to be found in the day. I still have some of those aspects to pray through and journal that were heavy on my mind and heart this morning, but even amidst that processing there can still be joy and thanks spoken.

Was there any unexpected Magnificence to your Monday?

May your Mondays be Magnificent!


Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Spring things...

Today I was inspired by Bridget over at the Deer Circus to photograph a set of spring things.

So, off I went and gathered together a set of spring things that make me smile.

Spring things...

Spring things1...

Spring things2...

I own each item and each brings a smile to my face for different reasons.

Here is the list in no particular order...

1. A lovely floral mug I bought at a thrift store last year.
2. Light blue nail polish that reminds me of Alaska.
3. Pretty stationary. (One of my rules- Always carry pretty stationary in your purse. You never know when you will need to write a note to cheer up a stranger or simply just because.)
4. The Pooh Dictionary by A.R. Melrose! Because, Winnie the Pooh is my favorite silly ol' bear.
5. Pretty pencil with hearts. (Fact- I took all of my History tests this semester with a pretty red version of that pencil. It helped me remember to smile when I was trying to remember dates.)
6. Cream pearl necklace. (Pretty sure they aren't real pearls, but I don't particularly need the real thing.)
7. Lastly, but not least, a fabric flower I'll be turning into a headband soon.

What are some of your favorite things?


Monday, March 18, 2013

A poem offered and photos in response...

I am Offering this Poem

I hope you've had a Magnificent Monday! Recently I have been researching poetry for a college essay I will be writing this week. As I was researching I cam across a poem that made me smile. The poem is I am Offering this Poem by Jimmy Santiago Baca. As I read the poem there were specific lines that inspired me once again tonight. I thought how beautiful to imagine the poem as tangible and interwoven into the threads of a coat, warm socks, and a scarf. The imagery is vivid. And, the echoing "I love you" was so very beautiful too. As I sat re-reading the poem tonight I was suddenly inspired to create a photography set based on the inspiration of some of the lines.

And so, I dashed to get a few pictures before the sunlight was gone.

Then I wrapped myself in my winter coat,


I wore a pair of thick socks,


I wrapped a scarf around my hair with the ends around my face,


And I pondered the words and echoes of, "I love you."

Poetry can be beautiful, vivid, and thought provoking. One thing I wonder, if this poem was based in reality (and the voice of the narrator was really the voice of the author) did the one he loved ever read this poem? Did she ever know these "I love you" words and poem interwoven into garments were for her?

In case you would like to read the full poem, here is a link to it on the Poetry Foundation's page- I Am Offering this Poem.

What do you think of the poem?
Has poetry ever inspired you to be creative in some way?


P.S. My wonderful brother Micah kindly followed my directions and took the above pictures for me. He is such a good sport when it comes to my creative whims.

Friday, March 15, 2013

Barefooted evenings...

Annie and I spring night...

I often like to sit outside with my bare feet resting on the cool steps as spring begins to arrive. Tonight I sat and watched the sunset for a little while. My sweet dog Annie was with me and I chuckled when I thought, "She likes to have barefooted evenings outside too." (Well, I guess in her case it would be bare paws.) So, I placed the flowers by her paws and took a picture of her too.

It's funny, I've never been as much of a dog person, but I always enjoy back porch times with Annie girl. She can drive me crazy sometimes, but those times of sitting on the back porch rubbing her back are nice. We both like these sort of barefooted evenings.

Spring break is drawing to a close. Soon it will be back to books, college classes, studying, and such. But, this break has been good. It has been good to rest, to spend time with people, to be creative, and simply be able to take a step back and look at school plans as well as the future. Spring break can be a nice time to rest and breathe. 

Happy Friday to you!

I'm off to enjoy some homemade pizza and family time tonight.


Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Creative Spring Break: Day 2...


(The collage above is a sample of photos Luke and I took yesterday.)

Yesterday was a very nice day.

Luke and I spent most of the day together. It was filled with a yummy lunch, running by the bank, haircuts, time with his family, and park adventures! As I had mentioned to Luke a few days ago, I had been craving park time since the weather had turned so nice lately. So, we went on a little park excursion for a few hours together. It was such a nice day out and we enjoyed a bit of music time together and took time to capture a few photographs for a project we're working on.

All in all, it was a blessing to spend time together, be creative, play music, and make some memories. 

Thus, my Day 2 creative project was photographing our time together at the park. 

I'll share today's creative project sometime tomorrow.

Do you like park adventures?


Monday, March 11, 2013

Creative Spring Break: Day 1...

This week I decided to begin a new series called Creative Spring Break.
A Magnificent Monday seemed the perfect day to begin!

During the rest of spring break I have decided to do at least one creative thing each day. I plan to document each day here on the blog. Today is day one and so I decided to enjoy some fresh air while doing my first creative project.

Day 1- Dandelion Crown. (And, bonus! It can double as a necklace if you want it to.)

Creative Spring Break2

Creative Spring Break1

Creative spring break3

If you would like to make a flower/weed crown during spring break I'll share a few tips!

Flower Crown tips...

Have you ever made a flower/weed crown?

I hope those of you who are on spring break are enjoying it! But, even if you aren't on spring break, I hope you too will take a little time to enjoy creative moments this week.

May your Mondays be Magnificent!


Saturday, March 9, 2013

College, grades, and sister time...

It has been a busy past few days.

Thursday was my last day of college classes before spring break. I took my History final and received my research paper back with the notes and a grade from my professor. The History final didn't go super well (I made a 70), but I admit I didn't really study for it since I did well on the first three tests and she would drop the lowest grade of the four. I was thrilled to find out she gave me a 90 on my research paper! This was my very first college research paper and I was VERY nervous. The notes she wrote on the paper were very helpful and I believe will help me to write even better papers in the future. Plus, I was given five bonus points putting my full paper grade at a 95! She gave bonus points to everyone who wrote the paper in the correct format since, well, half the class somehow thought it was okay to not write it in the specific format. All in all, I am glad the History class is done, but I will miss that professor. (We'll call her Dr. T.) I took her for the first and second History course and I truly enjoyed being a student of hers. Dr. T. was (and is) a passionate professor who made even long lectures interesting.

After the History final I was up at school a long time and took my library introduction mid-term. At the time, I didn't feel like I did well on the mid-term. But, I checked my grade this weekend and was thrilled to see I made an A! I am motivated to make good grades in general, but especially in the classes that are in regards to the specific field I want to work in.

It is much easier to enjoy spring break when you know you made a good grade on an important midterm and a good grade in an 8 week course you've just finished.

Friday was spent mostly working for a sweet family and taking care of some of their kiddos. I was gone 10 hours at that particular job and was VERY tired today. But, it was good to work and earn the money from it. Plus, it can really be a blessing to work with children.

This morning I cheered for my brothers while they were at a Karate field day. I have a few pictures I hope to share sometime soon from the rainy drive we took to cheer them on this morning.

But, the nicest bit of all today was going on a sister "date" with Sissy. We haven't spent that much time out and about together in a long time. We browsed target for over an hour and a half, laughed, talked, shopped, and simply enjoyed quality time together. Dana found a lovely yellow wallet and I found a beautiful new scarf.

We took time to document the purchases and our sister time in a photo set.

Sister Date and shopping finds...

I am very thankful for the good last bit of school before spring break, for hard work paying off, for work to help pay for summer school and a pretty scarf, for brothers to cheer for, and a sister to make wonderful memories with.

Happy weekend to you!


Thursday, March 7, 2013

A photo while I am away today...


Today I will be busy with school related things.
I'll take a midterm and completing my eight week History course with a final.

So, whilst I am away with academic things here is a little photo and game for you.
How quickly can you spot the bird in the photo?

Happy Thursday to you!


Wednesday, March 6, 2013

An outfit I call my own...

Spring Showers Outfit

The sky has been cloudy today. But, I have a smile upon my face.

Today I put on an outfit combination that was just right. It was a mixture of some of my very favorite things. I wore boots, tights, one of my very favorite (and most comfortable) dresses, and the newer sheer shirt. And, I wore a necklace that my parents and sister gave me along with the daisy necklace that Luke gave me for my last birthday.

This outfit just feels like it is mine. It felt so much my own that I asked my sister to take a picture of me with my film camera (named Wendy) to document it. It may sound silly, but I'm so happy with the picture! It is one of those pictures I want to tuck away and hope that one day generations can look back and see a glimpse of the college aged me. And, if I'm blessed with kids one day I could pull out the film photos and show them what I looked like in college, tell them about my favorite rainboots, and how much I praised God for the cloudy days and picture taking times.

Well, I'm off to study a bit. Tomorrow I have a mid-term and a History final. After that I have the glorious prospects of spring break ahead of me! 


P.S. I got to take a few lovely photos today that I hope to share soon!

Monday, March 4, 2013

Berries, windows, and poetry...



Hello everyone!

I hope you've had a Magnificent Monday!

I wanted to take a little time to share these pictures a took last month. I decided to try to capture the berries in interesting ways and this is the result. I'm especially happy with the second one. It feels as though the blurred elements created a concise window to view one particular berry more clearly than the others. In a way, I feel like poetry can be similar to that second photo. I've written multiple poems today. They are not the "skipping through the flower field" happy with ease sort of poems though. No, today I've written poems that are much more raw, forward, and that created a window to view and process certain things.

Poetry can sometimes be one of the best ways to process something. With poetry much like with a camera you can blur the focus of the surrounding thoughts and sometimes focus on just the center of the matter or a specific element. I needed that tonight. I needed to write, to place my messy heart stuff and thoughts onto a clean crisp piece of paper. To ink spill, express, and think. I created windows tonight with words.

This Monday I am thankful for the gift of poetry. I'm thankful that I have pen and paper so that I may pour out deep and honest words as well as process this season of life- the beautiful and the difficult aspects. 

Do you enjoy poetry?
Do you most enjoy to write it or read or both?

May your Mondays be Magnificent!