Saturday, December 14, 2013

Thinking about hugs...

I have been thinking about hugs this week. Thinking about how a hug wanted can be one of the most wonderful feelings. It can make you feel warm, cared for, loved, encouraged, supported, and joyful. It can feel safe.

Hugs from my beautiful Momma are very wanted. She hugs me when I am happy, excited, confused, upset, and when I cry. She hugs me to let me know she loves me and I hug her sometimes just to say, "Goodnight." She hugs me to show support and care. Those sort of hugs are so very wanted.

But, a hug unwanted is another thing entirely. It can be awkward, uncomfortable, and doesn't make you feel loved. The humorous story below is about the unwanted kind...

The Unwanted Hug 

Once upon a time there was a gal. She was finishing the end of a semester at college and looking forward to the holidays and many hugs from her beloved family. On her second to last day of finals week a guy from one of her classes happens to see her and asks if he could get a hug. At the time she was working and had a stack of posters piled high as a skyscraper in one arm and tape in her other hand. This made a good excuse to say no and go on with the day.

On the day goes with work and getting all of the posters put up. However, she sees the guy once again that day and he tells her with a determined voice that he will get that hug sometime. And, to some it might have sounded like he was joking, but she knew he really wasn't.

So, once again the day goes on. Work is finished, a holiday meeting and party attended, and all of her finals are done. As the day comes to an end, she is happily walking down the hall to head home when she suddenly hears someone call her name one floor below and say, "I am getting that hug!" It is him again. She watches as he begins to run down an entire hallway and up a flight of stairs to get a hug. A million thoughts race through her mind and she decides to continue walking. In the end an awkward side hug is given and she begins to hope that he will forget all about her over winter break. She hopes he will find some other girl that he can run down a hall and up a flight of stairs for just to get a hug. Because, if it had been the right girl it would have been incredibly sweet and very romantic. She just isn't the right girl and really doesn't want to be mean. But, no matter how sweet it could seem to some, the fact remains- The hug was unwanted.   

The end.


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