Saturday, October 19, 2013

I don't need makeup...


I don't need makeup to be beautiful.

One day this week I wore makeup. Full makeup. I wore eye shadow, foundation, powder, mascara, and bright lipstick. I don't wear makeup every day so it was out of the ordinary for me. Someone I like and know commented that I should wear makeup more often. This person also jokingly stated that I would certainly "catch" a guy if I did and that I don't want to scare him/prospective guys away at the start with a makeup free face. I will be honest, it stung a little at first. But, then I realized something and so I simply responded what I truly believe, "My face isn't scary without makeup."

First of all, this is not a post about bashing the person that said these comments. It is more about the perception of beauty and relationships that bring about such conversations as the one I experienced. The reality is, I don't need makeup to be beautiful. I don't need makeup to meet the right guy. I don't even need a man. Is makeup nice from time to time? Yes. I wear it on days that I want to have a little creative fun with the way I look or to special events because I like to. And, I do hope that one day I will share life with someone else and eventually get married and start a family. But, I do not need it. My joy is not placed in such things.

The second thing I realized after walking away from that conversation is that if a makeup free face "scares away" a guy in the early stages of the relationship, he is not someone I want to or need to be with. If I am with someone he needs to stand by me when I am having a Fibro flare, when the pain is so terrible I cry. Someone who will learn to listen and support me when I am emotional or dealing with something difficult. I desire to be with someone that won't run the opposite direction when I am sick with the flu, in bed with greasy hair, a runny nose, and fever. Someone who will see me as beautiful when lines start to crease my face. Someone who will still hold my hands when they are wrinkled. I need someone who will choose to love and be patient with me when I loose my temper and act selfishly. So, if the mere sight of makeup free skin "scares" him early in our relationship, he is not the one for me. I am certain there are many scarier/uglier things he will see than that. Because, the reality of a relationship is that you don't just see the beautiful. The closer you get to someone, the more time you spend together, the more you see the beautiful and the ugly.

And, for those of you reading, I hope you also know this-

You don't need makeup to be beautiful. You are so much more than painted skin.



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