Monday, August 12, 2013

Window gazing...

Daydream of Country Drives

Recently I enjoyed riding with my family on a short country drive. I sat in the backseat and window gazed. There was brown grass, green grass, wild plants, cattle, and rolling hills with trees. There were man-made fences, houses here and there, and road that flowed on and on like a frozen stream. I couldn't help imagining how beautiful the trees would be come autumn time. Yes, it was a pleasant window gazing drive.

On this Magnificent Monday  I was daydreaming about that drive a little and tonight an idea for a picture creation came to me. Thus, the above picture was born and inspired by daydreams of country drives.

Sometimes in life it is nice to go on a drive and enjoy a different scenery. It can be grand to sit in the back seat with your camera at hand ready to capture little glimpses of the scenes flying by your window. Yes, sometimes it is just nice to go on a drive.

I will continue to daydream of window gazing. Some days my daydreams may be about Texas country side, county fields, or other days it might be of Alaskan tree-lines and mountain peeks. Whatever the daydreams may be it is nice to daydream a little about beautiful scenery and remember the first time an aspect of those places took my breath away.

May your Mondays be Magnificent! 

Thoughts to ponder-

When was the last time you window gazed?
What scenery do you daydream of?



  1. I absolutely l.o.v.e. that photo!
    Excellent! Love the background to the photo also. Nice work! :)


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