Monday, August 19, 2013

Nature glimpses and a new adventure begun...




This weekend I went on a mini-nature walk. I only walked around my own backyard, but I decided to look closely at the details around my yard and capture little interesting glimpses. I noticed the ants and imagined I was much smaller. I imagined how incredible and huge the adventure of my backyard would seem from that perspective. With the help of my imagination and taking time to look at little things I capture some truly interesting glimpses.

There were three specific glimpses I wanted to share today. There was the jungle of weeds so thick and green. I could imagine trekking through it. Then there was the hidden green treasure nestled beside stones and twigs just waiting to be found. Lastly, there was a pure white feather resting in the shadows with the decaying things.

I truly like each photograph. They are each beautiful in their own ways.

The adventure I went on in my backyard was more of an adventure thanks to imagination, but the adventure I began today is very real. Today I started my very first office job as a student worker at my college. I put together folder packets, met the wonderful staff members I'll be working with, answered student questions, and worked diligently on the other tasks assigned. I began a new adventure today and I am excited. I have begun a much need newness. Today a new season and chapter started. I look forward to seeing what this adventure continues to hold. I am excited to work hard and do a good job while participating in this new opportunity.

Life is full of adventures. Sometimes the adventure is helped along with a little imagination and sometimes it is wholly and purely a real life occurrence.

Thoughts to ponder-

What little glimpses could you have missed in your own backyard?
Have you begun any adventures lately?



  1. Congrats on the new job! I hope you enjoy the adventure! And I love the backyard photos.


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