Monday, August 26, 2013

Becoming a bridesmaid...

Bridesmaid dress

One of my dearest friends is getting married this December. I am so excited for her and her fellow! And, I am excited to be a bridesmaid! For this wedding I was asked to wear a cream colored lace dress. So, I did a bit of searching online and I settled on a dress from Ruche. Hopefully it will fit well and be just the right length for the wedding.

It is such a wonderful, emotional and strange thing to be a bridesmaid for one of my dearest friends. I can pretty much guarantee that I will cry at the wedding.The tears will be the happy sort, but they will flow.

This sweet friend of mine has sat with me many a time. We've shared tears, laughter, and stories. We have had honest conversations over cups of piping hot tea. We've celebrated birthdays, prayed together, encouraged one another, and spoken truth in love. Long before she became engaged we had conversations about hopes and dreams. We talked about our dream wedding rings and shared about how if we were still close enough come the time either of us got married that we would ask each other to be bridesmaids. It is amazing how quickly life has changed since we had such conversations a few years ago. When we talked about dreams of getting married it seemed so very far away and now here we are mere months away from her marry an incredible guy. I am so happy for her and I can't wait to stand up in front of the church showing my support.

Thoughts to ponder-

Have any of your dear friends gotten engaged recently?
Have you ever been in a wedding party?



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