Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Trinket treasure...

Trinket Treasures

I've always been a collector of interesting and whimsical things. As a child this enjoyment was manifested by collecting trinkets, feeling a thrill at the prospect of going through a jar of mixed buttons, and by collecting interesting words in journals.

Last week I was cleaning and de-cluttering my room (an ongoing project) when I discovered a little box filled with old trinkets. Finding a treasure trove of childhood trinkets is such a splendid thing! Each of the little trinkets have so many memories. It also got me thinking about the ways I am a collector today of interesting and whimsical things. These days I collect interesting books, photos, and articles of clothing. It makes me smile when I think about the ways some of the childhood trinkets parallel some of my clothing today. For instance, there is a tiny white bunny trinket wearing a bow and I currently have a printed blouse with bow wearing bunnies. In some ways I am still very much a child at heart and partaker in simple joys.

Thoughts to ponder-

Do you have any childhood trinkets?
Are you a collector of something?


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