Monday, July 15, 2013

The little lost bird...

Weary Rain

I love my pets. I have two cats and one beautifully brown eyed dog. Most days (and moments) my pets have the ability to cheer me up, make me smile a little more, and are wonderful to snuggle up with on cooler days. But, today my dog made me cry. She didn't mean to, she simply has an instinct that is so strong inside of her. You see, my dog Annie has herding in her veins. She has to herd things that are smaller than her. (This is why she lives in a separate part of the house the cats.) Today I went outside with Annie to enjoy an unusually cool morning, to sit with her like we usually do, and to take a few pictures of the lovely time. It didn't turn out quite so lovely.

A few of our neighbors keep chickens and one of the hens recently had chicks. As I gazed out on the yard with a smile on my face my smile quickly turned to horror as I saw that two of the chicks were in our yard. I saw them a split second before Annie and I didn't have time to grab her collar. She ran, she chased those poor little birds. One flew and escaped over the fence, but the other didn't make it and Annie got it. It was too small for Annie to pin, so she grabbed it with her mouth and hurt it. By the time I got out there and got Annie away the bird was dying. I will spare you the grim visual description, but it wasn't pretty.

I cried. I cry even now as I write this post. I've always had a sensitive heart. I cry at the loss of life, especially young life. I cried when a baby bird fell from its nest and died a few months ago, I cried when I saw the chick die today, and I cry even more when I hear of precious human life being cut short in the womb or outside of it. Loss of little lives makes my heart ache.

Sometimes, Mondays don't start off quite as Magnificent, but there are still things to be thankful for. Today I am thankful for the cool rain that continues to drip down and even thought it hurts, I am thankful that I feel heart ache when little lives are gone. By feeling this ache I am reminded of how precious of a gift life is.


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