Thursday, July 18, 2013

Shopping Finds: July...

Shopping Finds- July

Recently I found a few nice items on sale at Michaels. The first find were two storage tins. These were a fun find and have a vintage 1960s feel to them.

The second find was the lovely blue-bird figure. It is such a sweet shade of blue and makes me smile each time I see it. It is nestled onto my shelf with with a few other figurines and books.

Lastly, I found four lovely dessert bowls. They are a fun pattern and prefect for ice-cream or other dessert treats. The bowls will be stored away for when I move out and have my own space some day.

I'm gathering a nice kitchen collection these days. I continue to keep an eye out for dishes at thrift stores and on sale at other retail stores. I like mixing and matching different kinds of dishes to create my own unique collection. It is much more interesting than having a perfectly matched collection. Now to find some nice cereal bowls to add to my collection!

Thoughts to ponder-

Have you had any great shopping finds lately?
Do you have a favorite dish or dish collection?


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