Monday, July 1, 2013

Little gifts and walking into flowers...

A little gift...

There are so many little gifts in life. Sometimes they surprise you and take your breath away. These fresh flower blossoms were a precious gift this weekend.

Lately all of the Crepe Myrtles in the area are in full bloom. I always enjoy Crepe Myrtles.

In fact, I was recently walking past a row of white Crepe Myrtles when I decided to close my eyes and walk right into a large bunch of low hanging blossoms. It was wonderful. So often I simply enjoy seeing Crepe Myrtles that experiencing the feel of the blossoms against my face was grand. Once I had walked inside the building after going past the rest of the trees one of my family members looked at me and commented that I had something yellow on my nose. I was able to wipe some of it off, but it struck me as odd that I had yellow on my nose. A little later I realized that it must have been pollen from the blossoms! I laughed to myself and I almost wished I had left it there longer. I could have gone on the rest of my errands and each time someone mentioned that I had something on my nose I could have smiled and said, "Oh! That is just pollen! I walked into a large bunch of low hanging Crepe Myrtle blossoms. You should try it sometime." There you have the story of the time I walked into flowers.

Thoughts to ponder-
When was the last time you did something seemingly silly to enjoy something lovely?
What are some of the little gifts you've noticed lately?


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