Thursday, July 25, 2013

Hubbub and quieter times...


Morning Sheet

Juni Blur



Life has been busier lately. The hubbub of preparations for the fall semester, the training for my new job at the school, and work have begun to pick up. This week I've also been photographing/documenting a Space Camp VBS which has been a busy event in itself. I've registered for classes, purchased school supplies, ordered some of my required textbooks, and begun feeling the excitement of returning to school. There is a blue backpack with a pink rose print ready to be carried on the first day of the fall semester. And, there are two sweet pups I am looking forward to pet sitting soon. Life is getting busier.

I am looking forward to returning to courses and excited about this semester. I am also looking forward to beginning the new rhythm of my on campus job and learning and growing. This summer has been a needed time of rest. It has been needed to grieve, needed to begin letting go of my relationship with Luke, needed to be with my family while my mom was away, and needed for my physical health so that my body could rest after my first full year of college. But, now I am ready to begin a more structured schedule and academic learning once again. I am ready to begin.

You might be wondering- "That is great, Sarah! But, what does this post have to do with all those pictures of your cat?"

Well, that is a reasonable question I will now write about. You see, as I think about all of the hubbub that is picking up, the excitement and expectations for the fall, and my readiness to begin a new work adventure, I can't help but be thankful for the quieter times I've enjoyed this summer.

The quieter times such as barefooted car rides with my mom where I watched the sky fade to different color shades until the sky was navy hued. Times such as resting on the back porch with my dog Annie and watching the contrast of the green leaves against a blue summer sky. And, last but not least, the quieter times are mornings waking up to see my Juni cat in the soft sunshine, when the sheet he rests upon ripples like a sea, and when he looks at me and meows about the bird shadows he sees. Though I am looking forward to this busier time of the fall semester, I am so very grateful for the quieter times and a handsome cat in the morning sunshine.

Thoughts to ponder-
Is the hubbub of life picking up for you too?
What are some quieter times you have fond memories of from this summer?


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