Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Contrasting elements...

Water Weed

Rose Among Stones

Recently I've been inspired to combine elements to create images with interesting contrasts. The first image I titled Water Weed and the second I titled Rose Among Stones. Each were created by taking one original photo and texturing another photo over it.

Contrasting two very different textures is really inspiring to me lately. There is something so interesting about it and it is fun to think about photos differently. When I take photos now I don't just think about the individual image for each frame. Instead, lately I capture some individual images that I view as a stand alone and others that I have in mind specifically for combining with other photos. Texturing is such fun!

Thoughts to ponder-

What two things do you think would make for interesting an contrast of elements?



  1. That is soo cool. I love the water one, you could do that with so many things. It would be awesome with (and yes, I know we don't have them here but...!) castles and water! I guess an old historical house would work too. Or a lantern and night water...or paper laterns and night water like Tangled.


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