Monday, June 10, 2013

Summer: The first swim...


Summer. I am so thankful that summer is here.
For those of you who read my last post you know that this summer has had a bit of a painful start. I do not pretend that I am suddenly all better. I still cry sometimes and some days and places are still harder than others. But, I want to begin to write in this blog abode again. I want to write about the summer. I want to share with you photos of two grand discoveries I found and purchased at a used bookstore last week. (Which, I will be sharing that later this week. Yes, you should be excited!) I want to write about spider webs, beautiful sunsets, and books. I want to share crafts and summer adventures and to document the memories of this summer within this space. So, thank you to those who read. I am looking forward to taking pictures and writing more once again.

Summer. I sigh a happy sigh as I write it once again. Tonight I slipped into a pool for the first time since last summer. The cool water graced my skin and I felt the working of my muscles as I gently walked and floated in the pool. The warmth of blue jeans upon my legs after getting out of the pool was comforting. The clear blue summer sky above me kept beckoning my eyes to gaze, gaze, and gaze upon it. This was a truly summer night. It was a moment of outdoors, of blue sky, of memory making, and slowing down the pace of life. I made a few happy summer memories tonight. That memory making time is why I truly had a Magnificent Monday!

What are some of your favorite little summer memories or summer sensations?
What was Magnificent about your Monday?

May your Mondays be Magnificent!  


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