Thursday, June 27, 2013

An unexpected blog break and living...

Early morning blanket fort

Morning view

Cat with the morning view

Have two weeks truly passed by without me writing in this dear space? Really?

I suppose I took a blog break. Though, it happened without purposeful intentions to take a break. I am still here, I am still living, I am still creating. What have I been doing these past two weeks of silence? 

Well, I've simply been awaking in the mornings to beautiful sunshine views. I've pulled my soft cream blanket over my head at times and reached my hands up to build a sort of momentary fort. I've watched the patterns of the sunshine through the creamy woven fibers, watched the sun dance shadows on my curtain, seen the perfect silhouette of my sweet Juni cat, and rested on my back porch to view the summer sky.

I've crocheted new baby hats, doodled, written, taken pictures I look forward to sharing, spent time with family and friends, and simply taken time to breathe. Maybe the unexpected blog break was a catching of my breath, a slowing down, a time to truly see again, and to look at the world without the lens or confusion of my past relationship. Yes, these past two weeks have been like a deep breath. 

I'm happy to write once again. I'm happy to share a little bit. I'm happily taking deep breaths.

I hope you enjoy a few pictures of morning beauty, a silent video of the summer sky, and these sentences of mine.

Thoughts to ponder-
When was the last time you took a deep breath?
When was the last time you enjoyed the morning?  


1 comment:

  1. There is just something about that first photo... so pretty!!

    Lately I have been spending time on my deck, feeling the morning breeze... reading & praying! Summer mornings are my favorite! :)


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