Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Skittles for the fellow...

The fellow (a.k.a. Luke) and I have started a new tradition. The first week of each month we do something special and creative for each other. This month I wrote him a little note and tucked a bag of skittles inside of the envelope for him to eat. (It is one of his very favorite types of candy.) Then I decided to take another mini-bag of skittles and create a photo/blog post that my note told him to read today. So, this little poem and post is specifically for Luke to see, but everyone else (especially if you enjoy skittles) is welcome to view it too. 

If You Have a Mini Bag of Skittles

If you have a mini bag of skittles
You can hold them in your hand
And take the time to consider the colors bright and grand.
You can line them up in a neat row
To make a mini-candy army that's marching to and fro.
You can use a photo of them as an overlay
To create a picture of dreaming in skittle colors on a spring day.
One mini-bag of skittles is great,
But two is even better because I can give you one to celebrate.
Happy Festive Firsts!



Dreaming in Color

Festive Firsts Skittles


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  1. I love finding joy in the little things in life!! So special! :)


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