Thursday, April 18, 2013

His joy will be my strength...


"When my world is coming undone
I will stand on this faith that has overcome it all
Your joy will be my strength"

-Your Joy Will Be My Strength The Foresters 

In life, there are hard seasons. I'm in the thick of such a season now. It hurts. I have an aching heart. But, God is still faithful. His joy is my strength amidst the difficult times. 

If you are in a difficult season, take heart. 

And, though my heart is aching. Though this season is hard. I give thanks that my family and the ones I love are living, breathing, and that I may tell them how much I love them. My heart aches for those in Boston and those in West Texas who cannot say the same due to tragic loss. 

My heart is heavy amidst this season. My eyes spill tears. But, I still see God's faithfulness throughout my years and trust His faithfulness now even if I do not understand.

Matthew 11:28-30 


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