Thursday, April 18, 2013

A single rose...

Cheerful rose.

Beautiful rose.


I feel like I have shared a lot of melancholy lately.
So, I wanted to stop, pause, and take time to share something beautiful.

This rose was clipped from one of my mom's rose bushes. There is something so special about roses from your own yard. Each year you get the blessings and pleasure to enjoy the roses produced by the bush. I told my sweet mom that roses from the store are never quite like roses from your very own rose bush.

This pink rose was so fragrant! The scent was light and wonderful.

I am thankful for fresh spring roses and the beauty they bring to a simple window.

Have you ever clipped a rose from a rose bush?



  1. Amen, to nothing like a homegrown rose...excepting perhaps knock-outs-there is something a little...manufactured about them. Store bought roses need a day or two to open up-before that they look plastic-y. That is one of the most gorgeous shades of pink.

  2. I can totally imagine how amazing it smells. .... thanks for that ♡


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