Monday, March 25, 2013

Math test and Moday Magnificence...

Monday Flower2...

Monday Flower1...

Flower Breath

This morning I woke up feeling drained and heavy. It was due to a mixture of things, but mostly I felt that way because I knew I would be facing my math test 3 retake. Last week when I took math test 3 I made a 65. Today I had to take a retake to try to bring my grade up. Then I also spent a good bit of the morning processing a few things in regards to my emotions and the future.

I tend to get quiet when I feel drained, worried, and when I am processing. Even though I was quiet with a lot heavy on my heart and my mind I chose to find things to appreciate and give thanks for amidst it all.

Despite how I felt, I went to my classes and then took the math test retake. And...I made an 85! If I calculated the weighted average correctly that will bring my test 3 grade up to a 79! I was so happy when I saw my score. I wanted to do a happy dance in the testing center, but I refrained since the test center worker was watching.

To celebrate my test results I went and bought fresh spring flowers. I had so much fun photographing them tonight.

Even when a Monday starts with heaviness of heart and mind there can still be unexpected magnificence to be found in the day. I still have some of those aspects to pray through and journal that were heavy on my mind and heart this morning, but even amidst that processing there can still be joy and thanks spoken.

Was there any unexpected Magnificence to your Monday?

May your Mondays be Magnificent!



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