Saturday, March 9, 2013

College, grades, and sister time...

It has been a busy past few days.

Thursday was my last day of college classes before spring break. I took my History final and received my research paper back with the notes and a grade from my professor. The History final didn't go super well (I made a 70), but I admit I didn't really study for it since I did well on the first three tests and she would drop the lowest grade of the four. I was thrilled to find out she gave me a 90 on my research paper! This was my very first college research paper and I was VERY nervous. The notes she wrote on the paper were very helpful and I believe will help me to write even better papers in the future. Plus, I was given five bonus points putting my full paper grade at a 95! She gave bonus points to everyone who wrote the paper in the correct format since, well, half the class somehow thought it was okay to not write it in the specific format. All in all, I am glad the History class is done, but I will miss that professor. (We'll call her Dr. T.) I took her for the first and second History course and I truly enjoyed being a student of hers. Dr. T. was (and is) a passionate professor who made even long lectures interesting.

After the History final I was up at school a long time and took my library introduction mid-term. At the time, I didn't feel like I did well on the mid-term. But, I checked my grade this weekend and was thrilled to see I made an A! I am motivated to make good grades in general, but especially in the classes that are in regards to the specific field I want to work in.

It is much easier to enjoy spring break when you know you made a good grade on an important midterm and a good grade in an 8 week course you've just finished.

Friday was spent mostly working for a sweet family and taking care of some of their kiddos. I was gone 10 hours at that particular job and was VERY tired today. But, it was good to work and earn the money from it. Plus, it can really be a blessing to work with children.

This morning I cheered for my brothers while they were at a Karate field day. I have a few pictures I hope to share sometime soon from the rainy drive we took to cheer them on this morning.

But, the nicest bit of all today was going on a sister "date" with Sissy. We haven't spent that much time out and about together in a long time. We browsed target for over an hour and a half, laughed, talked, shopped, and simply enjoyed quality time together. Dana found a lovely yellow wallet and I found a beautiful new scarf.

We took time to document the purchases and our sister time in a photo set.

Sister Date and shopping finds...

I am very thankful for the good last bit of school before spring break, for hard work paying off, for work to help pay for summer school and a pretty scarf, for brothers to cheer for, and a sister to make wonderful memories with.

Happy weekend to you!


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