Wednesday, March 6, 2013

An outfit I call my own...

Spring Showers Outfit

The sky has been cloudy today. But, I have a smile upon my face.

Today I put on an outfit combination that was just right. It was a mixture of some of my very favorite things. I wore boots, tights, one of my very favorite (and most comfortable) dresses, and the newer sheer shirt. And, I wore a necklace that my parents and sister gave me along with the daisy necklace that Luke gave me for my last birthday.

This outfit just feels like it is mine. It felt so much my own that I asked my sister to take a picture of me with my film camera (named Wendy) to document it. It may sound silly, but I'm so happy with the picture! It is one of those pictures I want to tuck away and hope that one day generations can look back and see a glimpse of the college aged me. And, if I'm blessed with kids one day I could pull out the film photos and show them what I looked like in college, tell them about my favorite rainboots, and how much I praised God for the cloudy days and picture taking times.

Well, I'm off to study a bit. Tomorrow I have a mid-term and a History final. After that I have the glorious prospects of spring break ahead of me! 


P.S. I got to take a few lovely photos today that I hope to share soon!


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