Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentine's Day...

Happy Valentine's!

It is February 14th, 2013. I hope you're having a wonderful Valentine's Day. But, even if you aren't I hope you choose to look at and give thanks for the good things about the day. I know that just because the date is special doesn't make the day perfect. I can attest to that.

Valentine's Day doesn't mean everything goes as planned, that all your hopes are fulfilled, or that it plays out like a picturesque scene. Disappointment can occur, people don't stop being imperfect just because it is a holiday, and life happens.

Yet, even when the day doesn't go as hoped or planned, you still have a choice. You can still choose to find the aspects of which to give thanks. It's okay to take time to journal about and express the difficult of the day, but then the best way to end it is to write out thanks for the beautiful and precious gifts of the day. Because, even amidst the difficult the gifts are still there. They really, really are still there. You may just have to look a little closer.

I'm taking my own advice. Within this post I will write out the gifts and treasures of today. If you would like, I'd really enjoy if you'd leave a comment with some of the treasures of this day for you.

Treasures this Valentine's Day-

1. God's grace.
2. Seeing my family this morning. Life is a precious gift, I'm so thankful that I can tell my family members that I love them today.
3. Giving Sissy a Paris plate and card, Micah chocolate with Snoopy on the front to make him smile, J.J. a mini-mailbox full of goodies, Momma a beautiful card, and Daddy a Papa card.
4. The ability to give. When I give a gift, I'm saying, "I love you." We need to hear the words, "I love you." I definitely need to hear "I love you" since I'm such an auditory individual. But, it is such a blessing to be able to hand someone an object that is wrapped in invisible ribbons of love. You can't see the ribbons, but you feel it.
5. A new dress to wear.
6. Balloons from Luke and walking through the school with them. (Even though I got a mixture of weird looks, smiles, and down right glares as I walked around campus to my class, it was well worth it. Being the gal with hearts on her dress and heart shaped balloons in her hands doesn't exactly create smiles on the faces of the anti-Valentine's Day people. But, that's okay. I survived the looks and stares.)
7. Luke spending the last part of our date with his arm around my shoulders.
8. Raspberry chocolates from Momma.

My day wasn't perfect. In some ways it was hard. But, if I only focus on the not-so-great stuff (and let that rule my emotions) then I let the hard stuff steal away the joys of the beauty.

What are treasures of your day?



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