Saturday, February 9, 2013

The word trio...


It is February. It is a mere five days until Valentine's Day.

The stores are filled with heart themed merchandise, the card aisle is filled with red, yet I continue to think of the simple utterance of three words,

"I love you."

 I think of how special those words are to me. I don't say that word trio to everyone. The most meaningful times I say them are to those that I have walked through the wonderful and beautiful with as well as walked through the hard things of life.

These are moments of that sort-

Saying I love you to my Mema when she doesn't know who I am and won't remember that I said the words in five minutes.

Telling my Daddy I love him as we dance together and knowing that through all the times we've lost our tempers in the past, that the forgiveness we've lived out is what makes the truth of those words special.

Telling my Momma I love her when we've both cried together or stayed up late talking together.

Whispering "goodnight" and "I love you" to my sister and happily sighing knowing that we're so close we're mistaken as twins though we're two years apart.

Hugging my sweet friend Sara Beth and telling her those words after we've spent a time in accountability, sharing the joys and pains, and praying together as we Sistership.

Those are meaningful moments of saying, "I love you."

Yet, the moments in which I say those words amidst the daily of life are meaningful too. Even amidst the normalcy of laundry, breakfast eating, headed out the door moments, those words ring so beautifully when said with meaning. They are beautiful upon a page marked by a pen, beautiful to hear, and beautiful even upon a digital screen through a text, email, or post. The meaningfully said word trio is beautiful.

My wonderful parents left on a date this afternoon. I took a picture of them holding hands right before they left. They are very sweet together. They are not perfect. They have had to work through things as a couple and continue to work through things as things come up. But, I do so love them and appreciate the wisdom I get to hear them speak into my life. They teach me about love.

Parent love...

Momma often reminds me during late night talks that love isn't easy. To choose to love is to love amidst the beautiful and amidst the painful. To love is to grow, to say you're sorry, to forgive, and to speak truth in a loving way. She teaches me and shares her heart. I'm so thankful for her.

Above all I'm thankful for this truth-

1 John 4:19, 
"We love because he first loved us."


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