Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Studying and life lately...

I need to be honest, the blog may be a little quiet for awhile. School is very busy this week and early next week. College life with its papers, tests, and studying has a way of taking up time that was once used for creativity. But, don't worry. I'm still taking time to be creative! I made a little Bow-Bear baby hat yesterday, I continue to photograph little beauty moments, and such.

But, the fact of the matter still remains that more of my time will be spent this week and the beginning of next week in study/school mode. I desire to study well and work hard even when it isn't much fun. Though, speaking of fun, my mom took a funny picture of my cat trying to "help" me work on studying.

Study Time

Besides letting you know that I may not write much this week or next week, I wanted to share a bit of life lately.

My Top Five Photos of Life Lately

1.This Valentine's Day dress. It is pink with a pretty heart pattern which makes me smile.

Valentine Dress

2. My brother making me laugh and capturing it in a photo. My brother Micah and I can have such fun little photo times together. And, he definitely likes to make me laugh.

Laugh a little...

3. Valentine's Day balloons from Luke. But, what made it even better was the note he gave me the next day.


4. Luke and I played our very first music set this past Friday at a little gelato shop. It was a major blessing and the first time I've ever really sang that much in front of others.  But, more encouraging than any compliments or words of affirmation was the fact that multiple people shared that they were blessed and felt refreshed from the time. Luke and I had been praying for the set and I rejoice knowing it blessed others.

First Show

5. The flower surprise my sweet Momma pointed out to me today. These lovely flowers bloomed in our yard. I've never seen them grow in our yard before. My guess is that the wind carried the seeds from somewhere and thus they bloom.

Flower surprise...



  1. Your heart dress is so cute! And those pretty little purple flowers have me longing for spring! :)

    1. Thanks, Sarah! I'm glad you like them! They are a lovely glimpse of spring aren't they? =)


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