Tuesday, February 26, 2013

A sweet YouTube video...

This past weekend I came across a video of a wedding proposal that has gone viral on YouTube. I've already shared it with my entire family, so I thought I would continue to spread the smiles by sharing it with all of you in case you haven't seen it.

Along with my desire to share the smiles, I wanted to take time tonight to share the words the video inspired in me. I will share my words in a moment, but before I do that take eight minutes and two seconds to watch the video.

This video was beautiful. The cinematography was beautiful to me. The details of the proposal were beautiful. Most of all, the community involvement was beautiful.

I do not think that a proposal has to be this huge and complex and involve such an elaborate plan. I do not think that all the guys in the world must now go out and try to do the same thing as this guy or something even better. The "bigness" of this proposal isn't what is so sweet and wonderful.

It is wonderful because he took the time to create something so specific for her. The fact of the matter is that some girls wouldn't want a proposal like this. I have a friend that specifically doesn't want to be proposed to in front of a bunch of people. She wants it to be a special moment where she doesn't have to think about who is around her. She hopes it will be a special moment just between her and her future husband. Every gal is different, and the sweetest thing about this proposal video was that he invested to make it so detailed and special for her. I imagine she would have been thrilled with just the lip dub, but he went above and beyond by also leaving notes just for her to read along the beach and the video messages for her to view.

The second aspect that took my breath away was the celebration of community. When she walked along as they performed the lip dub you could see the community and there were multiple times she screamed with joy upon seeing different individuals. Then, when she stood before the tv and watched the messages from individuals she loves you could feel the overwhelming beauty of community. To see so many people support and desire to celebrate with them was beautiful. But, even more, you could see that there have been friends and family supporting, encouraging, and hopefully speaking truth to them all along their journey. They have community around them as they begin a new chapter of their story. And that, that is beautiful.

This video is wonderful and moving. Though, I do hope guys know that it isn't a competition or that they have to do the same thing as one of the online viral proposals. I know I'm only one gal, but here are my two cents to the guys- When you propose if you put in the time, attention to detail, and creativity to make it special for your gal and incorporate meaningful aspects from the story of the two of you so far, that is what will make it special. To let her know you love her, that she is beautiful, and to incorporate details of your story together is meaningful whether it is an elaborate proposal, something simple, or something like this scientist did. Make it meaningful for you as a couple with a unique story and memories you share. 

I hope this video spreads even more smiles!



  1. That was adorable! I do agree with what you have to say-it SO has to be tailored to the girl. I want privacy. I also agree about the competition thing-it shouldn't be about the guy's ego, but about the girl.

    1. I'm glad I was able to share the video.
      Yes, definitely tailored. =)

  2. this is great!! thanks for sharing :)


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