Monday, January 28, 2013

When your Monday isn't so Magnificent...

I woke up tired. That is how the day began. My dreams had not been peaceful, my heart was heavy, and my body felt like it could use some more rest. But, it was time to begin the day.

I began the time in prayer. Resting on my side I lifted words to Daddy God. He faithfully pointed out little gifts to me. He is so very faithful. He showed me new-morning gifts that arrived with the new day. There were the birds singing their new-morning song. (Gift one.) There was the windy day which caused the neighbor's wind chimes to play a new-morning song for me. (Gift two.) And, then there was the distant train with its echo sound riding on the cool morning air. (Gift three.)

My heart was still heavy, but God was reminding me of the gifts of today. I took time to pray for someone and text. I took time to read scripture and I was impacted by Psalm 34. And, then I got up out of bed and began getting ready for the school day.

There were little unpleasant things of a headache, some Fibro pain, and ending up with a cooler shower at one point. But, I continued to give thanks, continue to praise, continued to pray and lift in prayer to Daddy God the heavy things that are on my heart this day.

I was blessed with a bit of happy mail right before I went to school. It was two Jenny and Tyler CDs and a t-shirt that I'd been excited to receive. It was a blessing and brought a little smile to my face.

Then I headed off to school. During the afternoon there were multiple things that happened that were difficult. My heart was still heavy with different things and I was feeling even more weary. Then, as I sat waiting to leave school I had a very unpleasant interaction. The details of which I choose not to write about at this time.

By the time I was picked up from school and had shared with my sweet Momma on the way home I just felt so in need of prayer. I asked her if she would take a moment to pray with me and she did.

I'll be honest, she prayed and I cried. I've cried today. It has been a harder Monday. There have been little trials and there have been much harder things like the interaction that still makes me emotional right now thinking of.

But, may I tell you something?
There is still Magnificence  to my Monday.

The morning gifts, all one, two, and three of them were Magnificent.
The happy mail of music and the t-shirt are Magnificent.
The blessing of prayer and the impact of Psalm 34 are Magnificent.
The blessing of my precious Momma and her prayer over me is and always will be Magnificent.

And, here are a few more Magnificent things...

The leftovers I ate upon arriving home-


The cup I gave Momma as an early Valentine's Day gift and the joy of giving-


Love cup.....

The cute snoring/sleeping kitty resting beside me-

Juni cat...

There have been aspects of today that have not been Magnificent.
I have cried, ached, hurt, and had a heavy heart.
Yet, there is beauty.
There is still Magnificence  this Monday.
God's faithfulness still abounds.

May your Mondays be Magnificent.
But, even when they are not so Magnificent, may you see the Magnificence woven within the hard times of life.


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  1. Hi, Sarah. We all have those days when our hearts feel heavy, we are physically weak or psychologically overwhelmed. Sometimes, it seems like all we can control is how we react to those things. You handle your self with so much grace, that you inspire others to do the same. Negative interactions feel so terrible, especially when someone has such a tender heart. Just know that sometimes, it's not about you at all. Many times, we are surrounded by negativity. I read that 'E+R=O' in a book I just finished reading called 'The Success Priciples' by Jack Canfield. It means 'event plus response equals outcome.' Our response is all we can control, and you always find something(s) to appreciate. I hope the unpleasant interaction rolls off of you, and makes the good stuff in your life all the sweeter.


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