Monday, January 7, 2013

Little centers...

Little gifts...

A very Magnificent Monday  to you!

So often we speak of Mondays in such a grim manner, which is why I began this series a long time ago to bring a little cheer to Mondays. During the past few months I missed some Mondays, but I'm back now!

Today I wanted to share a few photos with you. Last month I had a bouquet of lovely yellow flowers. I kept them a nice long time inside, but after awhile it was time to say goodbye to them. But, instead of simply throwing them away, I decided to take apart the flowers and photograph the bits in interesting ways. The centers turned out to be what interested me most that day so I chose to make them the "stars" of that particular photo time.

There is so much beauty in flowers, yet it is so much more than just the flower as a whole. The centers by themselves remind me of something that might grow under the sea. All in all, they are little gifts. They brought a few smiles to my days last month and I hope that the photos will bring a few smiles to your face today.

Little centers 1...

Little centers 2...

Little centers 3...

May your Mondays be Magnificent!



  1. they do sort of look like little sea sponges, eh? :) lovely photographs. xx

    1. Yes, that is exactly what I thought!
      Thank you!


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